Sam Question #3: Do you think in your opinion they (Trump and Putin) will be effective in either pushing ISIS back, or totally eliminating ISIS; or will there be a response on the part of ISIS within the European theater, that is, more sleeper cells coming alive in Europe, and perhaps even coming alive in the United States?

IQ Answer: “Okay, let’s get this straight. Putin has every right to be in Syria. Every right. Why do I say every right? First of all, Syria was always part and parcel of the Russian sphere of influence. It was never part and parcel of the American sphere of influence, and neither to do with Europe. So, Europeans and Americans are the aggressors. I’m telling you, the European Union and the Americans are the aggressors in Syria. After all, you have an elected government. Whether he’s a dictator or not is irrelevant. He is the leader of a country who invited Putin and the Russians.

Qaddafi was a leader of Libya, and what did the Americans and Europeans do? Removed him, and when they removed him, and that was done, by the way, Hillary Clinton. Not by Obama. Hillary Clinton was the instigator of the destruction of Qaddafi, and then what happened? We have ISIS. I’ll tell you what, America alone cannot destroy Islamic terrorism. Russia alone cannot do it. China alone cannot do it. India cannot do it. You need all these four powers together. Russia under Putin, America under Trump will work extremely well together because it’s a give-and-take. Trump is a negotiator…Obama is infringing on the security of Russia. That’s why Putin is at total heads with him. America should not go to any confrontation with Russia. Not because she’s afraid of them, no. Neither side is afraid of the other because it’s a mutual assured destruction either way. You should work together.”

Sam: “So, IQ, what you’re saying if we look at the Middle East, really we know that the Obama Administration has really been more intent on getting rid of Assad using ISIS as a tool to do so; Donald Trump is more concerned about getting rid of ISIS then removing President Assad?”

IQ: “Absolutely.”

Sam: “So, therein is where you say we can expect something in Syria to actually resolve itself perhaps rather than this continued nonsense that we’ve been seeing through these eight years of Obama Administration?”

IQ: “Of course…Obama has been supporting the Muslim Brotherhood all over the Middle East. He supported Morsi, the one who overthrew the government of Mubarak… (who) was pro-America. Qaddafi was pro-America. Qaddafi was not creating any trouble anymore, but they removed him. They wanted to bring in the Muslim Brotherhood. No Muslim entity will ever be loyal to America. No Muslim entity will be ever loyal to any non-Muslim entity. That’s it. Very simple.”