Sam Rohrer: Well, the angry threats by members of Antifa, certain members of the media, and certain political leaders that all sang that President Trump must be stopped at all costs, are escalating, as you know. The recent election of the President of Mexico just happened. All spell into this circumstance that is going opposite direction from what we were used to in this country. The uptick in immigration and border demonstrations, also as we’ve been seeing across the country, appear to be far too well organized frankly in my opinion, and well too funded to be just spontaneous.  So, the question is, who’s behind this?

Well, without dispute, there is an escalated shift in America and in our culture that we are witnessing. It’s clearly underway. The inroads of atheistic and Marxist thought has long been known, frankly, as detailed strategies come forth relative to how they’ve intended to collapse our nation from within and how they have implemented their strategies to cross-direct our institutions from education to colleges to K-12 to Hollywood to media to politics.

Not only have these institutions been targeted and infiltrated by Marxist political and economic thought, so has the church in America. You say, “Really?” Yes, the church in America. This is perhaps more alarming than the others because if you can turn moral truth and Biblical teachings into a political tool for a counterfeit teaching and turn the church and the pulpit from the clear teaching of the Gospel and clear Biblical instruction into a weapon to undermine freedom, God and truth, then the last bulwark for the defense of truth is lost.

We’re going to talk about this today. Our theme is cultural Marxism in the church. Cultural Marxism in the church. We’re going to define the terms, examine the motive and the money behind it, and identify a few of the men who are part of it and the momentum that is undergirding it.

With that, I welcome you to Stand in the Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, and I’m going to be joined by Dr. Gary Dull, Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Altoona, Pennsylvania, and Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network, and we’re going to be joined today by a special guest. He’s the author and a speaker. He’s a host of his own TV and radio program, and he’s President and Founder of Worldview Weekend plus a whole lot more. His name is Brannon Howse.

Brannon, thank you for being with us today on the program. We do appreciate it.

Brannon Howse: Well no, I appreciate it. It’s my joy and privilege, and I’m so thankful for pastors like you. Sometimes we spend a lot of our time talking about quote pastors end quote, and we often have to put those in quotes because they’re really not pastors. They don’t meet the qualification, they’re not carrying out the function and purpose of a church, they’re representing un-Biblical ideas, and so what a joy it is to be with men that are truly Biblical pastors, so thank you for what you do and for having me on and we’re so happy to carry your broadcast at WVW Broadcast Network as well.

Sam Rohrer: We are glad that you do that, Brannon, and I’m glad for the work that you’re doing and we’re kind of dealing with a difficult subject here. We prayed before we went on the air. Ladies and gentlemen, we always do that, because we’re very concerned about the truth that we give and the information we give that it is all the truth, and it’s complete but it’s loving and it’s as God would have us to do.

This one here today is a particularly thorny one, and I want to get right into it. Again, I said our general theme is cultural Marxism in the church. As a matter of fact, Brannon, you’re coming out shortly here I believe with a new book dealing with this very subject. Tell us, just a minute or so here, what the book, the title is and why you’re coming out with it.

Brannon Howse: Well thank you very much. I’ve been dealing with the issue of social justice, the social Gospel, collectivism, globalism, internationalism, statism, whatever you want to call it. It’s a lot of the same thing, saving socialism, for many, many years. I’ve been writing and speaking now for close to 30 years. 28 years I think to be precise, and written several books, and I’m not one of these guys that just writes books to have books to write. I try to write books that are very pertinent and timely and if I don’t write a book for a few years that’s fine, but after so many years of studying this and watching the things from the left come within mainstream Evangelicalism, yes we know that the mainline liberal churches are doing all this, but now to watch social justice, socialism, redistribution of wealth, the pushing of reparations, which is going to be a tax to try to make up for slavery, reparations in America, that’ll be a part of a Reagan-type campaign by the Marxists.

Mandatory minimum incomes, that’ll be again something that’s being really promoted by groups like the Gospel Coalition, and again who would oppose it when it’s coming from a group like the Gospel Coalition with well-known Evangelicals involved?

They’re pushing all these things and more, and this is in the mainstream Evangelical area. Guys like Jim Wallace, Ron Sider, Tony Campolo, who have always been on the far left and promoting and praising pretty much every Communist revolution in South America, claiming the Anti-Communists were part of the dark forces, all these guys who were in the ’80s seen as being what they were, leftist Neo-Marxist, and now they’ve come mainstream into Evangelicalism and people we never thought are locking arms with them and literally working with them and serving on boards and committees together, and so I’m seeing the merging of Marxism with Christianity.

I’m sitting at my desk after broadcasting one day and I thought Marxism and Christianity, that’s Marxianity. I don’t know if anyone else has ever used that. It’s original in my mind as I’m sitting at my desk, and so I have a book coming out in October of this year, 2018, called Marxianity. If they want to look at some video clips and find out more about it, our website on that is

Gary Dull: Let me just jump in here if I may, Brannon, and of course when we’re talking about Marxism most people realize that they are enemies of what we do here in the United States of America from just basically from the philosophy that we hold, and it’s much different to that which they teach, but you talk about the idea that Marxism is creeping into the church. Can you give our audience some specific ways in which that is actually being done today?

Brannon Howse: Yeah, absolutely. Well one would be this idea that we owe the poor as much money as we can give them. There’s an article in Christianity Today a few years ago where Tim Keller is being interviewed and he said that. “We owe the poor as much money as we can give them.” That’s nowhere in the Bible. These guys take a lot of verses in the New Testament dealing with the New Testament Church and they take the word poor, which often is dealing with the spiritual poor, the spiritual bankrupt, the beggar who cannot save himself, he’s spiritually bankrupt. That’s why Christ cried out on the cross, “It is finished. Debt paid in full.” Banking term. The righteous life of Christ can be imputed or credited to your account through faith and repentance, two sides of a coin. “By grace, through faith you’re saved. Now of yourself, [inaudible 00:06:54].” He mentioned both. That was a banking term. It’s a transaction. Debt paid in full. It’s done. “We’ve been put on the auction block and we were on the auction block and our master was sin. We’ve been purchased with a price. We are not our own. Christ bought us with His own blood.”

These verses that deal with the poor are often the spiritual poor, the spiritual bankrupt, the beggar. They want to take them and say that we need to give to the poor and help the poor, and they take a lot of Scripture out of context to do it. Matthew 25 is one of their favorites. “I was naked. I was in prison,” all this. That’s Jesus dividing the kingdom. Excuse me, Jesus setting up His kingdom. At the second coming, dividing the sheep from the goats. Again, they take Scripture out of context. There’s not one verse in the New Testament says that the New Testament Church is to redistribute its limited resources to the unsafe poor.

Now that does not mean that we cannot be helping unsafe poor people as a platform the Gospel, but no call for redistribution of wealth to the unsafe poor but definitely to care for the poor inside the New Testament Church.

Sam Rohrer: The insidious cloaking and mixing of economics, wealth, and power and money on one hand, which is within the purview of the jurisdiction of civil government, with the Biblical concern for the poor, the needy, and those who are without, which are within the purview and responsibility of the Church, the mixing of these two is one major strategy of cultural Marxism, but it’s the inappropriate mixing as they do. The Bible’s clear on all matters of life and living, and if carefully applied, will always bring the results that God promises. Yet if the Church and its primary role to teach and live the word of God in its entirety, in its purity, in its completeness, if that can be hijacked by any manmade philosophy, then the work of God is harmed, the souls of men are jeopardized and the work of evil is advanced. Such is the case with this term we’re giving of cultural Marxism.


Sam Rohrer: Now in the segment here we’re going to talk about the motive and the money behind the effort to infiltrate the Church by those who hold to this Marxist ideology, and our special guest is Brannon Howse. Brannon, I want to welcome you back in right now, and before we get into the motive and the money, I want you to actually now define if you could before we get into this, cultural Marxism. Define it so that we know how these elements are blended together and why it becomes such a dangerous thing, but probably one that we can recognize after you define it.

Brannon Howse: Well if you think of the word ‘political correctness’, political correctness is really cultural Marxism. In 1923, a group of Marxists form what is known as the Marxist Institute in Germany, 1923. 1933, Hitler comes to power, some of them being of Jewish descent, say it’s time to get out of Germany, rightfully so. John Dewey, the father of modern education who helped start the Socialist Society, helped start the American Civil Liberties Union, signed the Humanist Manifesto, went to Russia to study the Karl Marx way of education then came back to America to teach at Columbia University, helped start the National Education Association, that John Dewey, brought the Frankfurt School to America as we call them today, but they were originally known as the Institute of Marxism.

They couldn’t call it Marxism, so they started calling it political correctness. Their ultimate goal can really be defined by someone who was one of their leaders. Most of your listeners may not know his name, but they are going to know him. They don’t even know they know him, but they do. He coined the phrase, “Make love, not war,” in the 1960s. His name is Herbert Marcuse. He said this, and this will help you understand what they’re doing. “One can rightfully speak of a cultural revolution since the protest is directed toward the whole cultural establishment, including the morality of existing society.” You got to go after the morality of all the cultural establishment. That means the family, the church, education, media, every institution you can. Sexual liberation movements. You got to attack the morality. He said, “There’s one thing we can say with complete assurance. The traditional idea of revolution and the traditional strategy of revolution has ended.”

In other words, it’s not going to be with guns and bullets. He said, “These ideas are old fashioned. What we must undertake is a type of diffused and dispersed disintegration of the system.” They have to destroy the systems that make up a constitutional republic. The founders believe that the constitutional republic could be maintained through the family largely as the incubator for passing on the values that maintain a constitutional republic, that being according to William Blackstone, the leading scholar for the Founding Fathers. “What the divine has ruled on, we don’t rule against. Thou shall not murder and thou shall not steal,” so your constitutional republic is based on the law of the divine.

Again, if you want to destroy the constitutional republic, have a cultural revolution, put away the guns and the bullets, remember Marcuse said, go after the morality of existing culture. That means you destroy the family, you destroy the American mail, you destroy a patriarchal society, replace it with a matriarchal society, bring in feminism, bring in the sexual liberation movement, and a coalition of victims so at the end of the day the Frankfurt School said this. This is key. “The source of all suffering and oppression is Christianity and capitalism.”

Sam Rohrer: I’m going to jump in here right now Brannon and say, this is a remarkable thing and I wanted you to make this definition because as you’re laying these things out, and you’re laying out a whole lot of information right now, but as our listeners listen to this, we talk a lot about Biblical worldview and so do you. But effectively, put another way, their goal was to flip on its head, the Marxist, the Atheist, was to flip on its head what we term to be a Judeo Christian worldview. God, God as creator, man as creation, sin entering the world and a need for redemption in Jesus Christ. If you can take and flip that entire thing on its head, and cut away the moral underpinning that you were so carefully saying, then in fact you will destroy the institutions of society that God has established and that were the corners of our nation.

That’s what you’re saying. Cultural Marxism is this atheistic Marxist view, a worldview counter in every regard to a Judeo Christian worldview and of necessity counter to the Constitution, counter to absolute truth, counter to the family, counter to justice made up of truth and mercy as we understand. Basically, everything that every American who is listening to the program right now have taken for granted that America is or has been, cultural Marxism flips it on its head.

Brannon Howse: Change their worldview, you change their values. Change their values, you change their conduct. You change their worldview, as you just said, and when you do that you’re changing their values. Now all of a sudden you get them to want to embrace Marxism, but it’s a cultural Marxism. It’s the values. If you can get them to embrace the values of Marx, of Marxism, socialism, redistribution of wealth, community wise the end of private property for the common good, human flourishing, social justice, sustainable development, all masking terms for the same thing, if you create the crisis, you create an economic crisis, you create a family crisis, you create a criminal crisis, you create an education crisis, you create an environmental crisis, you create all these crisis and then the solution is big government.

Once you create the crisis, people will say, “Oh, well we need to go to international laws and deal with environmentalism, so global warming and the seas don’t rise and we all die.” Well they created the crisis and manufactured it.

Economically, you swell the welfare rolls. You put more and more people on the welfare rolls. You start collapsing the pensions of states. You start swelling the welfare rolls and like they did in New York City, starts to collapse the economy of New York City many years ago. That’s the Cloward–Piven strategy of a husband and wife out of Columbia. Well when you start to add onto the welfare rolls and say this is what Jesus would do, we can’t cut welfare, we can’t cut entitlement programs, as a bunch of folks from the National Association of Evangelicals were doing a few years ago. You can’t cut this. Jesus wouldn’t be for this. Jesus was a social justice warrior. Jesus was for redistribution of wealth.

You push all this with false Christianity wrapped around it, and now people are willing to embrace the values that bring about the Marxism. You get them to embrace the cultural values, that’s cultural Marxism. Again, the key is this. The source of all suffering and oppression is Christianity and capitalism. Karl Marx said, “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.”

This is very crucial. Next step. You must create a crisis. You must create a coalition of victims. You must create racial offenses where there are no racial offenses. I live in Memphis. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was killed in Memphis. We do not have the racial problems, the liberals and the poverty pimps and the race baiters want us to have. They want us to have a crisis. Let me tell you, we’ve had them in the past. Memphis is not like that largely at all today. Many people of different people groups get along very well. They don’t want that. They need people at each other’s throats to create a victim coalition, whether it’s the poor, minorities, homosexuals, the liberation movement, immigrants. They must create a coalition. The feminists. They must create a victim of coalitions and then say, “Okay. Who’s oppressing them?”…

Sam Rohrer: Brannon, let me jump in here because we’re almost out of time for this particular segment, but you know when there’s a movement there’s always money behind it. I’m wondering, who’s footing the bill? Who’s footing the money for this effort to sidetrack the Church and to infiltrate Marxist thought into the pulpits of America today?

Brannon Howse: Largely it is big wealthy foundations. It would be people like George Soros who is helping to fund the Evangelical immigration tables, which includes major pro-family leaders. George Soros is funding that. His Open Society Foundation, which is all about ending national borders. He’s a globalist, so you don’t have borders, you don’t have immigration policy, you have no country, you have no sovereignty. He also is trying to collapse currency.

George Soros, the Rockefeller Foundation, the [inaudible 00:17:07] Foundation, the Kern Family Foundation. The John Templeton Foundation. I mean, I could just keep going down the line of people that are funding, and by the way, they’re funding so-called Evangelicals to do this. This money has come into the Evangelical world, but this is not new because the Reece Commission in 1954 did a whole study and found that the same foundations, the Rockefeller, Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, were funding back in the ’40s and ’50s the writing of our educational curriculum to teach America’s children collectivism, socialism. Not individuality, but socialism. This was going on with a congressional committee known as the Reece Committee in 1954 to show this was happening.

In fact, Ronald Reagan commissioned a report in the 1980s called A Nation at Risk, release in 1983. They said that if another country did to our educational system what we had done, we would consider it an act of war. What were they doing? Implementing socialism. That’s what the Frankfurt School when they came to America did. They said, “We’re going to go after education and media. Those will be our two power centers we go after to brainwash people.” Education and media. They did such a great job in the ’40s that the POWs of the Korean War, listen now, the POWs of the Korean War in the 1950s, those men went to school in the ’40s, could not stand up to the Communist propaganda as prisoners of war, and many of them were pulling the sheets up over their heads and dying within days because they did not have the worldview to refute the Communist propaganda that capitalist and Christianity, evil. Look what you guys are dying for. You’re now a POW for this evil country. The men who went to school in the ’40s, who went to Korean War in the ’50s, couldn’t stand up to the information, operation and propaganda, and that is even worse today.

Sam Rohrer: Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about cultural Marxism in the Church, but cultural Marxism comes from political Marxism, which is only atheistic. It is all anti-God, and that’s what we’re talking about. We’re saying it is finding its way into the Church. Saying that Jesus would have certain things done in the Church and government should do certain things, but not what the Bible really says.


Sam Rohrer: Now we’re going to talk about the men and the momentum. We talked a bit about the money. We talked about the definition of cultural Marxism. When I think of this issue I think of the Apostle Jude, who in Scripture warned that it would be necessary to contend for the faith. He said, “Contend for the true faith,” because he said, “Certain men would creep in unaware and would turn the grace of God into lasciviousness and deny the only Lord God and the Lord Jesus Christ,” meaning they would deny the truth and God himself.

Throughout the entire Word of God, the battle between the devil and God, between truth and lies, between good and evil, is presented. That’s what’s within the pages of Scripture, but in the end Jesus Christ wins. Redemption is the story of Scripture prevails. He will ultimately, finally, totally win. That’s a ways off yet. We’re not there yet. But until that time, all who love God, know freedom from sin and desire God’s blessings must be alert and always watchful to the strategies that unfold around us so that we can be alert to warn others and then to stand in the gap for truth, which is what this program, the American Pastors Network, is all about.

Now in this segment we’re going to continue our focus on cultural Marxism. Before we go to the men involved, I want to ask Brannon here about this aspect of it. You talked about a strategy, a Marxist strategy that’s out there of divide or set up crises really, and that kind of thing. Apply it to how the methodology is being used to move things into the Church, to move Marxism into the Church. Are they using that same kind of philosophy, and if so, how?

Brannon Howse: Well, I’ll give you a good example. This is going to be shocking to most of your listeners. What if I were to tell you that the LGBT, lesbian, L, lesbian, G, gay, LGBT, transgender, LGBT agenda is coming to mainstream Evangelicalism? That the Gospel Coalition, again, go look up the Gospel Coalition and all the men involved. Tim Keller and so many others. Matt Chandler, David Platt, I mean these are some of the most popular post-modern preachers out there today. Most of them have a skewed eschatology, a false eschatology, a false definition of Church. They’re pushing white privilege. They’re pushing redistribution of wealth. They’re pushing, I mean Matt Chandler, who had a huge Church in Texas and is very popular, author with young people today, he’s pushing white privilege. David Platt’s pushing white privilege. David Platt just became a major leader of a bible ministry who’s past broadcaster used to be a close friend of ours. A ministry founded in 1939 by Mr. Epp.

I mean, it’s amazing the Bible ministries that are flipping and grabbing young guys, Millennials, that are pushing white privilege, which is nothing less than Communism. I mean, that’s because we have video footage of the 15th annual White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wisconsin where the people teaching the classes to these educators are saying, “If you’re a Christian, if you’re a capitalist, if you have traditional values, you’re a racist.” Capitalism equals racism. That’s what they say in their class on white privilege.

Yet, this has come into mainstream Evangelicalism today and it’s being pushed by some of these guys today. But the goal, again, is to create a victim coalition that says the source of all suffering and oppression is Christianity. Even though it’s Christianity that ended the slavery movement in Europe and in America. It’s Christianity that set people free.

There are black writers like Thomas Soule, Walter Williams, Jason Riley, Star Parker, all black Americans who have said, “Look, it’s Christianity and capitalism that sets people free. It is the Marxists, the socialists, the globalists, the internationalists that has entrapped them and put them on Uncle Sam’s plantation,” as Star Parker says. The mandatory minimum wage laws destroyed black construction companies that were beating out white construction companies, and by the way, the unions would not allow the blacks to be union members, and so the black construction companies were undermining the white construction companies and when they did this, the unions, which is largely run by Communists, the unions went and got Congress to pass mandatory minimum wage laws in the ’30s, which then made it hard for the black construction companies to undermine the white construction companies.

Again, every time we turn around we can say, no, it’s not a racist, capitalist system of the Church. It’s the racist socialist system of the Democrats to enslave people, entrap people, make them dependent on the government, and put them on Uncle Sam’s plantation, so you got to keep voting the race baiters, the poverty pimps back into office so your welfare check shows up. Yet we have people like David Platt claiming it’s the Church’s fault. No it is not. The Church has helped to set people free.

Gary Dull: Brannon, let me just come in here a bit because I can imagine that our listeners, their heads are probably spinning hearing all of this and I think it’s good information that is being presented, but if I can just maybe bring in another direction here somewhat.

You know, the Bible teaches us in Colossians chapter 2 and verse 8, it says, “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

Now, you talk about the Gospel Coalition. You’ve given us a number of names, and I think that the one particular ministry that you made reference to there would be Back to the Bible. Is that right?

Brannon Howse: That is Back to the Bible. Yeah.

Gary Dull: Yeah, and so…

Brannon Howse: Back to the Bible was run by my friend Woodrow Kroll who spoke for us for many, many years, and founded by Theodore Epp in 1939.

Gary Dull: Yeah.

Brannon Howse: The fact that they would take a guy like David Platt and put him in charge when he’s pushing all these social justice white privilege, is ridiculous.

Gary Dull: I heard a message just recently from Back to the Bible that was really completely out of line with Biblical truth, and of course I was not aware that they were involved with this Gospel Coalition that you’re speaking of here and what they were doing, but my question was how in the world did that make it the Back to the Bible? I can understand now how this is infiltrating and of course Sam mentioned about the concept that the book of Jude says that false teachers creep in unawares.

Putting all this together, number one, who all, if you can give us some more specifics because I think we need to do this. You’ve given some names, but can you number one, elaborate more on who literally is involved in the Gospel Coalition because we need to mark those people. The Word of God says that.

Brannon Howse: Yeah.

Gary Dull: Then secondly, elaborate a little bit on what we as Bible-believing preachers and leaders in churches must do to put Colossians 2:8 into practice where it tells us, “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit,” please.

Brannon Howse: I taught a Worldview class last night. We do a live Worldview class every Sunday night at 8:00 Central. Last night we had close to 5,000 people watching as we started a series on Grave Influence, and that was our starting verse, Colossians 2:8. By the way, if people want, I know I’m throwing a lot at you, but if people want to get multiple hours of broadcast quality TV shows on this and study it, we have it available at The WVW stands for Worldview Weekend. Just go to and we have dozens and dozens of broadcast quality TV shows on this. We have TV stations that carry our product, and so it’s broadcast quality information for free as a ministry.

If you go to the Gospel Coalition website, you’ll see the players. D.A. Carson, Al Mohler, Tim Keller, David Platt, I mean there’s a lot of them. Now, the problem is these guys mix truth in error. If you want to talk about mainstreaming cultural Marxism, remember now I told you the goal is to set up Christians as the problem. You got to create a coalition of victims. The poor, the minorities, the immigrants, the sexual liberation movement, saying now who is their oppressor? Christians.

Now hang with me, because I’m going to unveil a lot of stuff that makes a lot of your listeners very aware of why the things are happening that are happening. Some of the Gospel Coalition members and others are now all going to take part in a conference coming up this month in St. Louis called Revoice, and I can put you in touch with one of our reporters on this. Revoice. The whole purpose is to mainstream the LGBT community within Evangelicalism. They are now pushing the concept of gay Christian, queer Christian, the LGBT Christian. Well Paul said, “As such were some of you.” Not are. Were. Yet we’re now going to mainstream what people from the Gospel Coalition, the queer Christian, the gay Christian, at a conference called Revoice coming up in July.

Now again, this is what Herbert Marcuse said. Create a victim coalition, manufacture crisis, and then say, “Who’s the oppressor? Christians and capitalism.” This is what is going on today with people that are supporting a constitutional republic. Some of the people who maybe are supporting the policies of Donald Trump. They’re trying to say, “Look at the Trump voters. They’re hateful, they’re bigots, they’re racist.” No. What they’re saying is these are capitalists. They’re traditional Americans. They’re interested in sovereignty. This is now pitting people against each other to try to say all the evils of the world are from the capitalist and the Christian, and what they’re going to do then, remember Herbert Marcuse said …

Sam Rohrer: All right, I’ll tell you what, Brannon. Hold it …

According to the research, the Church in America and the pulpits in America are almost devoid of Biblical truth and literacy. We’ve talked about it before. Less than 30% of the pastors and the pulpits of America believe in the authority of Scripture. That means that the road is wide open for deception and lies and for the wolves, the enemies of the sheep and the pews, to come right in.

I’m not going to share a lot of the information we’ve shared in the program before, but it is clear that the lack of faithful preaching produces a lack of discernment, a lack of open eyes. If we have pulpits and people in positions of authority, not just the pulpits but particularly that, that don’t know the truth, then they are not going to warn the people under their care about what is happening. That’s how lies come in, and we’ve been talking about it on this program today. Marxism, atheistic approach to life, anti-God in every way, anti- freedom, anti-Constitution, anti-America. Very clear. Has been working very hard for a long time to undermine our institutions of authority. The family. The church. Civil government. Individual, the way we think. That is what’s coming front and center here now.


Sam Rohrer: We’ve been talking about it on the program today, and ladies and gentlemen, we know just literally, just a tip of the iceberg here today and we know we are not getting into the depth that we would like, but we’re trying to present a picture in its entirety for you.

I want to go back to Brannon Howse here right now, and ask you Brannon, where is this entire thing going? In other words, the creation of crises, the replacement of Biblical truth with a social Gospel truth, a Marxist thought, where is this going? And this victimhood piece of it. I think that rings really clear to our listeners. We understand, we know what that’s doing. Where’s that headed as it relates to Christians in America?

Brannon Howse: A false dominant Church as in Jude, you’ve already cited, men who will rise from within and draw false disciples after themselves, Acts 20. It’s creating a false dominant Church of Revelation 17:1 that will lead to a one world religious system and a false religious economic and governmental system of Babylon. Satan is building a worldly kingdom, an earthly kingdom, and the key player, Revelation 17:1 is a false dominant Church and that’s what many within Evangelicalism are doing. They’re embracing the leftism and the socialism, cultural Marxism of the left and they’ve brought it into the mainstream Evangelicalism.

I’ve been doing this 28 years. I can’t believe who and what the people are doing and who’s doing it. There’s going to be a big civil war within Evangelicalism coming soon because me, myself, you and others have made so many Americans aware of this, they’re starting to bail from major ministries. Big, big donors are pulling their money from major ministries because they see that they’re working with groups like the Gospel Coalition, and we’ve been trying to warn them for years to break away from them and they wouldn’t, so now their donors are having a fit and leaving.

What it’ll tell you when you see people breaking away? It wasn’t about doctrine. It was about donors. If it was about doctrine, they would have listened to us several years ago. Now that donors are leaving, now they’re going to come out and split. These people are pragmatists. Don’t trust them.

Here’s where it’s headed. Persecution for Christians. You set up the victims, okay, the homosexual movement, the liberation movement, the feminist movement, the poor, the immigrants, and you say, “Who’s oppressing them? Those evil capitalist Christians. They won’t let the folks from Syria and Iran come in here. They’re not for redistribution of wealth. Oh look at that, the oppressed, the homosexual. They won’t let them be a full active member of the Church and be a member and actively participate in the Church because they’re a homosexual so they’re a gay Christian. Oh look at that, they won’t let women be preachers. They conform to the Biblical model of what is an elder. The husband of but one wife, i.e. a man. They hate the feminists. They’re haters. They hate homosexuals, they hate immigrants, they’re haters.” That’s capitalist. Capitalists and socialists, the source of all suffering and oppression. There’s your victim coalition. Who’s oppressing them? Christians and capitalists.

Now where’s that leading? Now we need to take away the freedom of speech and freedom of religion and freedom of assembly of those Christians and capitalists. Herbert Marcuse said in 1965, listen to this now, “Liberating tolerance then would mean, liberating tolerance then would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left. As to the scope of intolerance, it would extend to the stage of action as well as of discussion and propaganda of deed as well as of words.” You know what he went on to say? He went on to say that they would deprive conservatives who were not in favor of redistribution of wealth, who supported the military, who opposed their socialist system, who were quote chauvinist, all the different classifications they give are actually conservatives and Christians living on a Biblical worldview, but they use terms like xenophobia and chauvinist and hater and intolerance, and Herbert Marcuse said this. “We will deprive those people of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.”

Herbert Marcuse said, “You want to deal with intolerance? Be more intolerant than they are.” So watch now for hate crime legislation, watch for fairness doctrine. Watch as a false dominant Church joins the cultural Marxist to persecute real Christians and the government will be getting cover from a false dominant Church that will say, “Sam Rohrer and his team and Brannon Howse and these other people are getting what they deserve.” They are extreme…

Gary Dull: Brannon, let me just jump in here though because again, we are very, very short on time. When it comes to the concept of the remedy for this, we go to 2 Timothy 4, where it says, “Preach the word.” In just a minute or two that we have left here, I’m wondering if you could address that. You’ve identified for us very, very clearly how the Gospel Coalition and Marxism has crept into the local Church and truly has done damage to it. Speak to pastors, speak to Church leaders all across America right now based upon what 2 Timothy 4:2 says, “Preach the word.”

Brannon Howse: Absolutely, and I would go to Acts 20 when Paul says, “Those men who have risen from within,” what did he say is the solution? Watch, warn and weep. Watch, be a watchman, watch, and then you warn. What we’re doing now, and then you weep. You weep in a humility and in a passion for those who are being deceived.

Here’s what I ask. How many of the pastors listening today know what the word communitarianism means? Do you know what the word communitarianism means? Well if you don’t, then you don’t understand the philosophies of the day. Do you know how they are using Scripture out of context to push these ideas of redistribution of wealth? Well if you don’t understand the philosophies of the day, then how can you destroy, as the Bible says, destroy the arguments raised up against the principles of the Lord?

Here’s what we do. We come along and we support the pastors. You’re marrying, you’re burying, you’re counseling, and you’re preaching, and you’re preparing. You don’t have the time to do what Brannon Howse does. Brannon Howse does what I do, so I can resource you, Pastor. Let me help you resource you so you can warn your congregation. Let me tell you, you just go to, you’ll find our radio page, our TV page, our news page. You’ll find articles. We have all the resources for free at to resource your elders, your deacons, your churches. Let us be your research arm so you can warn the flock.

Sam Rohrer: All right and Brannon, we’re going to…

Brannon Howse: Watch, weep and warn.

Sam Rohrer: Brannon, we’re going to wrap it up here right now because I want Gary to pray for us. This has been a lot of really heavy material today. It’s important that it’s there. It’s important that it’s out, but Gary, our listeners are listening, some are saying, “Wow. What can we do?” We need to pray at least about it. Wrap up into your final moments here, Gary, some comments and pray for those who are listening and for this whole issue that we’re talking about. Would you do that, please?

Gary Dull: Yeah, Sam. I would just want to say to all of our listeners, make sure you know the Word of God. We talk about the Biblical worldview here, and I’ve often tried to summarize that in this little phrase, what does the Bible say? Do everything, take every action according to the Word of God. Seeing everything through the eyes of the Scripture.

I want to say to pastors, make sure you are preaching the Word of God. Do not take it out of context. Preach expository messages. Allow the Word of God to permeate your heart and your mind so that you in turn can communicate it to your parishioners.

Those of you in the pew, take heed to the Word of God. Let it be your guide, not the philosophy of mankind.