Sam Question #1: What are you sensing from the citizenry on the ground in Europe, more specifically in the United Kingdom (in reaction to the election)?

IQ Answer: “In Europe in general, in the United Kingdom specifically, they have exactly the same aspirations as what happened in America. All the opposition parties in Europe were ecstatic that Donald Trump won, all of them. I’m talking about the opposition parties. Marie Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, all of the other opposing … All of them were extremely happy. Why? They don’t want globalism. They are nationalists, they’re not populists. They are nationalists, they’re not national socialist Nazis, they are nationalists. What do I mean by nationalists? They want their borders. They want to have their own identity. They don’t want to be flooded by millions of non-assimilating treacherous, treasonous, mass murdering Muslims… The nations such as Hungary and Poland who are under the Soviet Union, who understood exactly what totalitarianism is, they know what Islam would do to them. That’s why Hungarian leaders, the Polish leaders, the leaders of Slovakia, all of them supported Trump 100%. Why? They want their national identities to remain. They don’t want to be flooded by foreigners. They don’t want to be part and parcel of any other group. They want to continue to have nice relationship with every neighbor, but they want to be Hungarians. They want to be Polish. They want to be English.”