Question #3: What would a President Washington and any of the Founders have said about the importance of a border, the importance of a wall?


David Barton:

“I was at the Inauguration in DC and a lot of the protestors there were on the immigration issue and the wall, et cetera. The way I would go at it and the way I think the founders would explain it best is for somebody who says, “We need an open border in immigration.” My question would be; do you have locks on your house? Do you leave your keys in your car? If they said no, I would say, “Why not? Do you think that belongs to you? Why do you stop anyone from coming into your house? Don’t you want everyone to share your house? Don’t you want everyone to use your car?”

The concept of borders is private property. It goes back to a Biblical concept of the book of Acts where it says that God lays out the lines of nations. Nations are their own private property, have borders. God lays out those borders. To say that there’s open borders is the same as saying there’s no locks on my house. I want anybody to come in and stay. Even Progressive liberals don’t buy that. They want their house protected. That’s the same thing a border is. What it is, is this is our country, this is the country that we have and we control this country according to these laws. No, we are not global. We are distinct, separate nations. That’s where the Founders were and that’s why George Washington told us very seriously in his farewell address to avoid foreign entanglements.

When you start bringing in all these foreign aspects, you lose your character and identity as Americans. He talked about how important it was to preserve the nature and character of an American, how distinct we were among the nations of the world and that we were to maintain that distinctness. That is a Biblical concept. That’s why everybody in the 12 tribes can tell you what tribe they’re from. They maintain their distinctness. They know their tribes.

We’ve got this Progressive idea where, no, we want everybody in groups and by the way, we don’t any distinct identities out there. With that, the individuality goes away and that affects, again, your immigration as well.”