QUESTION #2: What are SAGECons looking for and how do they want to engage to improve the culture?


George Barna:

“One of the things that I wrote about in the report on this survey has to do with the fact that this is such a critical time for leadership. People need leaders to explain that shared vision. What does a leader do? A leader motivates, mobilizes resources, and directs people in the pursuit of a shared vision that brings about positive change. This is one of those moments in American history where, really, the people are frothing at the mouth, waiting for leaders to give them the tracks to run on. They’re kind of warming up. They’re getting ready for the race, but they’re not sure where the race is going, and so they really want leaders right now to help give them a sense of, “Well, what’s it gonna look like?”

Those leaders could come from many different fronts. They could be political leaders, family leaders, religious leaders, educational leaders. I mean, there’s all kinds of dimensions in our culture right now that are ripe for positive transformation, but it’s not going to happen unless in those different dimensions we have competent, godly, future-focused leaders who stand up and say, “Okay, here’s what we’re about. Here’s what we want to achieve. Here’s the picture of that better society that we see in our minds, and this is what we want to commit ourselves to. These are the roles that you can play in that process. Here’s how we’re going to fund and resource that process.” That’s what leaders do. This is that magic moment for leaders to step up, and take the reins, and say, “Yeah, this is how we’ll make it work.”