QUESTION #1: How should Pastors deal with the situation of Islam?


Mark Christian:

“Number one the terminology of Islam is a vision of peace is a made-up term… President Bush, (was) the very first one in the history of Islam that ever said that Islam is a religion of peace.

I, myself, am putting out on my website a challenge of $10000 who anybody, Muslims or non-Muslims, that can point out to one statement in the Quran or Hati that points out and defines Islam as a religion of peace. Until today, nobody ever came up and this has been going on for four years, okay?

If you find out somebody that can bring that Islam is a religion of peace, you know I will pay them the money. Here’s the thing, when we look at the pastors in America, I can divide them into two. Oh, actually maybe three.

There are pastors who are really very vocal and standing strong on the Faith, and those who are not denying the deity of Jesus Christ, and who Jesus Christ is, and those I applaud them and I pray for them daily. And there is another group of pastors, the second group, who are confused or afraid to open their mouths. So, they stay quiet, and trying to avoid the subject matter. And those I pray for them, one day they will never deny Jesus Christ as He told us not to do. The third group of pastors who are already complacent and bending backwards and removing Jesus and his deity and Christianity out of the pulpit and replacing it by globalist ideas and so forth, and those are completely in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood and they are in cahoots with the Islamic Society of North America. And this is not something that I’m claiming they are; it is a well-documented thing. You can find it on the website of Islamic Society of North America and they are naming all the churches, the church dominations that they already bought into the common rules and all the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood and so forth, and those are the ones that are talking about Islam that equally valid and so forth.

And you know, to name some of those churches, United Church of Christ is one of them, number one of them. Episcopal church, you know, ELTA, and the list goes on with 28 church and dominations in America that they already bought into the Islamic Society of North America and you can see the list on Islamic Society of North America website. And you can also see it on the website for shoulder for shoulder movement. And you will see all the churches, okay?

So, my message to all the churches is what? Do not deny the deity of Jesus Christ, do not replace the theology of the Bible of redemption by the love of Christ by any kind of worldly, you know, ideologies and so forth. Do not bend backwards for hoping for peace; for peace only comes through Jesus Christ and nobody else. And stop working with the enemy because the enemy will devour you. “