QUESTION #4: Does every Imam teach Sharia Law?


Mark Christian:

“There is lots of misconception also about Sharia Law in America. You know we are using Sharia Law and the word, Radical Islam has ways to tell people what is the real threat. Well the word Radical Islam, I don’t agree with it so much, not because that is not Islamic. As a matter-of-fact I look at the problem, not Radical Islam, but Political Islam. Political Islam is the majority of Islamic doctrine that is teaching, you know, killing the infidels, and fighting Jihad, and building Allah’s kingdom on earth and so forth, and this is the real threat to America. And the word ‘radical’ even does not mean anything because ‘radical’ means that you are very devout, and ,yes, they are devout Muslims. So, they are not like an offshoot of Islam. They are main stream of Muslims, but they are taking the Political Islam, part of Islam, which is the majority of Islam, and following the examples of Mohammed, including the Political Islamic agenda to, you know, very seriously.

Sharia Law is the way of Muslims, they’re supposed to live their lives. Why? Because Sharia means the past or so forth. It is basically the sets of rules and regulations that govern every aspect of Human life and mainly by Muslims. And it is supposed to be given to Mohammed by Allah himself. So the Law of Islam is not built by scholars, or Imams or some kind of leaders. It has been given to Mohammed by Allah himself. This is why when you ask a Muslim “Do you agree with Sharia Law or not?” They would tell you “Yes” because if they say “No,” this means they don’t agree with the wrong god and this means they are not really Muslims. So, Sharia Law is the core of Islam. It’s governed every aspect of Human life. Some of it, you know, whether we like it or not, is already applied in America. For example, if somebody gets married or divorced or die or even wants to, you know, fast or how to pray, or whatever they do as a Muslim, all of that is governed by Sharia Law.

Sharia Law governs every aspect, even governs the way that people are supposed to have sexual intercourse, how they eat, what they eat, and what not. When we say that they cannot eat, you know, pigs, this is Sharia Law. When they say they have to eat Allah meat, this is Sharia law, When they say they have to go to the Mosque on Friday, this is Sharia Law. Every aspect of the life is Sharia Law. There is deep part of Sharia law that governs killing the infidels, and fighting the Jews, and the Christians and so forth, and this is all under the umbrella of Political Islamic Agenda and Political Islam.”