QUESTION #3: Please share with us some facts about mosques: how many are there in the US, who leads them, how are they funded, what are they teaching?


Mark Christian:

“There are 3,200 mosques in the United States. Since 9/11, 85 percent of the mosques that exist nowadays have been built since 9/11. 80 percent of the mosques in America, the Muslim Brotherhood holds the deeds to those mosques.

There is an organization by the name of NAIT, North American Islamic Trust. This is a Muslim Brotherhood wing, and mainly they are the banking and the financing arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. They get lots of money to buy the land in different places in America so they can hold the deed of the mosque. Then they start a fundraising project into every mosque that they’re about to build. They get some money out of Saudi Arabia, from Kuwait, from Qatar, from Muslims outside of America. Also from Muslims who are here.

They always reach out to the far left, you know, the Democrats and the Liberals, into the communities where they can get money from them to build the mosque, and help to build the mosque. They kind of have an extensive fundraising operation, where they try to raise money as much as they can from locals, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, and then they reach out to finish the project by people from outside of America.

Like every church has a Pastor, every mosque is led by an Imam. An Imam, to preach he has to follow the same rules and regulations. There is no one Imam that is a moderate. There is no such thing as an American Islam and Saudi Arabia Islam. There is no mosque in Boston that preaches different. All mosques have to follow the same thing. They preach from the same Koran. The preach from the same Hadith.

The free thinking does not exist. The free thinking is condemned by Mohammed by the time of his death. Before he died he said, “Whoever free thinks and tries to adopt anything I did not say or did not do is considered an apostate of Islam”. By that meaning, he’s not supposed to be even a Muslim. An Imam cannot do anything that is opposing the prophet and the founder of Islam.

…The free thinking does not exist in Islam. You have to look at from the perspective that the founder of Islam, Mohammed, it is not the Pope of Rome. It is not the leader of a certain church. It is the founder of Islam said, “Nobody has the right to have a free thinking about anything”. Every Muslim has to follow exactly what he said, and what he did…

Number two is, when you look at Imams and the mosques in America, another misconception and misunderstanding that Islam has many kinds of ways of practicing. There is peaceful Muslims, and good Muslims and bad Muslims, and all that kind of stuff. The reality is, Islam does not have any kind of different denominations in it, except two, which his Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims. The majority of Muslims are Sunni, 85 percent to 90 percent of Muslims are Sunni. The majority of mosques in America are Sunni mosques. The Muslim Brotherhood is predominantly and absolutely nothing other than a Sunni Islamic organization.

When you are looking at Imams who are leading the mosques in America, they get their degree not in anything other than Sharia law. An Imam to be ordained has to get his degree in Sharia law. Because this is how he leads the mosque. By organizing marriages and divorces and inheritance and answering questions about lifestyle and everything in life. He has to use Sharia law as his guide. This is why an Imam to be ordained in America or anywhere has to have a degree in Sharia law.

Where does he get his degree? There is only two places on Earth, and none of them happens to be in America, that they can give that stamp of somebody to be an official Imam in any mosque anywhere, including America. This is Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, or Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia. Every Imam in America has to get his degree or a stamp of being ordained either from Cairo, Egypt, or from Saudi Arabia, to be ordained as an Imam in America.”