QUESTION: Does the unlimited collection of data by intelligence agencies have potential for dictatorial power and have we already gone too far?


David New:

“…The United States, I am sad to say, is going over the speed limit towards a police state. We already have many of the characteristics of a police state. One of the other things that the government does, when they want to cheat, they a lot of times won’t go and get a warrant, they’ll get the information and then not use it in the criminal prosecution, but just use the information to further whatever causes they’re into.

…There’s (also) real danger, because none of the presidential candidates want to withdraw from it. As soon as they get in office, they’re all gung ho for it. There doesn’t seem to be too many breaks on it. Like the great Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And we have already, many of the characteristics of a police state, and we’re going in that direction. The bigger government gets, the smaller you and I become.”