QUESTION: Is there any Scriptural or moral precedent that would talk about the need for those in authority to collect intelligence information?


Dr. Gary Dull:

“I suppose in some cases there’s a fine line of distinction as we have laid the foundation for intelligence is necessary. On the international basis intelligence is necessary to find if there are those who want to terrorize or attack or make an effort to destroy the United States of America and that intelligence normally is focused on foreign governments or foreign entities or those entities who hate the United States of America or whatever the case may be…

…I think that the reports about intelligence agencies spying on US citizens is a violation of a moral principle simply because of the fact that intelligence, the collecting of data on the individual citizens who generally speaking are citizens in good standing of the United States of America is not the rightful duty of the government to perform. Here in the United States of America, we supposedly are innocent until proven guilty. So when you have a government that comes along and is collecting data on everything that we say and maybe even every place that we go- that is a violation of a moral principle. In fact because of the fact that it’s not one of the responsibilities of government as it relates to the individual citizens of any particular country I even think that it may, Sam and David, violate the principle of first Thessalonians chapter 4 and verse 11 where the Scripture tells us that we are to mind our own business. I think that that relates not only to individual Christians but even the government. They are in reality violating that biblical principle.

One of the things that concerns me beyond that …is that this spying, and I will use that word, this spying on innocent citizens of the United States of America by our government really lends to the possibility of distorting information and passing on improper judgment to the good citizens of the United States of America and that should never be done in our country. It’s taking away our freedoms. You know having said that, what about the fourth amendment? When that fourth amendment was written, David and Sam, there was no electronic surveillance available. Warrants needed to be issued before there could be any kind of search. Now, what we’re finding today, is it not true, that they are intruding into our lives without these warrants. That is illegal. It’s unconstitutional. It’s against every moral right.”