QUESTION #4: Can a true Bible-believing, born again Christian be a part of the ‘Religious Left’?


Dave Kistler:
“I don’t think there’s any way a true Bible-believing, and that’s the operative words, Bible-believing Biblicist …could possibly be a part of this. When you start talking about what they themselves say they believe, what they are crusading for: support for the LGBT community, which is absolutely condemned in the Scripture; to call yourself a Christian and support these things- to be in favor of sanctuary cities, to be supportive of the immigrant movement, which we have dealt with in great detail on this program in times past, which we believe is totally contrary to what God says the role of government is to do and to be, if it’s just the unmitigated acceptance of immigrants into a country without them being thoroughly vetted and the citizens of this country, or any country, not being protected by the allowing of immigrants in, unmitigated entrance. Those things, Sam, I think are very clearly contrary to Scriptural teaching. So, no, it’s not possible for someone to be a part of that movement and be a genuine, true believer in Jesus Christ.”