QUESTION #2: What does the progressive ‘Religious Left’ stand for and what do they want?

Gary Dull:
“… those who are of the Religious Left are people who deny the authority of the Scripture, they deny the biblical worldview, and when you read everything that they have to say they are either, number one, taking Scripture completely out of context, or disavowing the Word of God altogether.
As a matter of fact, and I’ll probably get myself into hot water and big trouble on this particular statement, but I’m going to say it nevertheless and people can fire the darts if they want. But I have found that a lot of the leaders and pastors, a lot of the pastors in this particular movement are ladies. We believe, as we look at the word of God in its true sense, that the word of God teaches us that ladies do not, they should not be in the pastorate. There are places for them within the body of Christ to serve, there are places for them to serve in the local church, but not to serve as pastor. What we find is that it seems like everything that the Religious Left is doing is leaving off biblical truth and that’s what’s leading them down the wrong path.
Dave Kistler:
“…it appears from the article that they’re wanting to do a number of things, part of which is providing sanctuary to immigrants; they’re urging Republicans to reconsider the repeal of Obamacare; federal spending on foreign aid. You’ll remember, there’s this group that signed on, it was a large group, that really took President Trump to task over his not including certain things in his budget with respect to foreign aid. It’s a multiplicity of things; protecting the LGBT community, the refugee community, the undocumented immigrant community, and on and on and on. It is all leftist causes that are very, very unbiblical in nature. We’ve talked about a lot of this in times past on the program. I don’t know that we’re going to have time to hammer down into all of this, but it’s very unbiblical stuff.”