QUESTION #1: Who are the ‘Religious Left’?

Sam Rohrer:
“I think we’ve all heard about the Religious Right…Now, there’s the Religious Left. That’s right, the Religious Left. According to spokespeople for this Religious Left, they are rising. In fact, as one article headlined in the Washington Times, just read, “Religious Left Rising to Ask God to take on Trump.”…
First of all, I’ll say from their own words, and that’s where we’re going to be taking the quotes … Most of them, I can tell you, don’t describe themselves as Christians, although some do. Most just describe themselves as religious. One quote here, Reverend Noel Anderson, Noel Anderson, he’s a man, the National Grassroots Coordinator for this Religious Left says, “The religious community, the Religious Left is getting out, hitting the streets, taking action, raising our voices.” Here’s another piece that gives you an idea of what and who they are. There’s a group called the Faith in Public Life. The leaders from that group describe themselves as a member of the Religious Left and they call themselves the progressive policy group of the Religious Left. Some are hanging out their Christian shingles. One group called the Sojourners is a member of the Religious Left. They describe themselves as a Christian activist group.”