QUESTION #3: Why have private schools and evangelical churches failed to communicate a biblical worldview to their students/youth?


Dr. Christian Overman:

“As for the “why,” I think that’s a multi-faceted problem. One of the problems is that if you go to a school system that has been secularized, where the biblical worldview is never ever connected intentionally or otherwise with what you’re studying, you end up having a bifurcated view of everything. That the Bible is pertinent to Sunday and it’s pertinent to your private thinking or your devotions, but Christianity, although it’s very, very personal, it’s not private.

The point here is that if you grow up in a secular system and you’re going to school for five days a week, six hours a day in a secularized system, and that would be the state system. It would be many private schools are secularized. Unfortunately, a few Christian schools are secularized in practice. If you grow up in that system then you end up with a compartmentalized bifurcated mind where you have the sacred-secular split, I call it SSD. We’re infected by SSD. Millennials are deeply infected with SSD partly because I’m told, I’ve heard anywhere from 85 to 90% of the Christian families do not send their kids to Christian schools.

I’m not surprised that we have this problem here. It’s all mixed in with the post-modern teaching that all truth claims are equally true and that if you stand up and say that your truth claim, Christianity, is the only truth, you are then branded as an intolerant bigot. So there’s this pressure here to kind of conform to the world system that says no truth statements are any more true than another, and they don’t want to be branded as intolerant bigots. I think they just blend in. We have lost our backbone here to stand up in a world that says there’s no single truth. That’s the post-modern mantra. It’s all true.”

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