QUESTION #2: Where are the funds coming from to build these mosques and who holds the deeds to the properties? Is the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) organization associated with terrorism efforts both nationally and abroad?


John Guandolo:

“Saudi Arabia. They’re the number one funder, not only of mosques in the United States but funding the global jihad. Iran is funding significantly Hezbollah and Hamas because Hezbollah is a arm of the Iranian government, but building the mosques and not just in the United States. I can tell you from my time both working with the FBI, the Department of Defense, Saudi Arabia purchases and sends the materials to places like Kenya and Uganda and other African nations. When the concrete and the steel and everything else arrives, that is being furnished by the government, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Chris Gaubatz:

“Many of these mosques are owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), which the Department of Justice identified in the largest terrorism financing in a mosque trial in U.S. history. The U.S. versus Holy Land Foundation trial identified the North American Islamic Trust as a Muslim Brotherhood organization, and so if you go to a deed at your local mosque or Islamic center and look up the deed under property records oftentimes you will see that that mosque is owned by the North American Islamic Trust. As I testified in front of the U.S. Senate last year, the Muslim Brotherhood is no different than the Islamic State or Al-Qaeda. They have the same goals, to establish an Islamic state under Sharia.

…You can think of the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) as the bank for the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Now, up until a few year ago, remember Holy Land Foundation trial was just adjudicated in 2008, and John and I have been briefing this in the last few years. They’re starting to understand that people are paying attention, law enforcement is paying attention to this, legislators are paying attention. Prior to 2008, nobody was really looking at the deeds of mosques to see who was on them because very few people even understood who the Muslim Brotherhood was. Now, they’re going back and covering their tracks and transferring those deeds over.

…the North American Islamic Trust is an inherent part of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Brotherhood is no different than Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State. Unequivocally, yes, they are tied to terrorism necessarily because the Muslim Brotherhood is a jihadi organization. Terrorism is one aspect of the war that they’re fighting. Another aspect is propaganda, media, political influence, espionage. They see this as total warfare. Yes, by being an inherent part of the Muslim Brotherhood they’re necessarily supporting terrorism.”

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