QUESTION #3: It appears that there are two coalitions emerging, one to the north with Russia, Iran, Syria and Turkey, and one to the south with Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. From a prophetic standpoint, what does this indicate and how will President Trump deal with these players as he meets with some of them next week?


Bill Koenig

“…The God of Israel has used our Presidents for his final day prophetic roles. George Bush’s father started the peace process in Madrid in ’91. Bill Clinton continued it. George W. Bush coming up with two states living side by side in peace and security. Obama making some bad decisions in Iraq, Afghanistan, basically moving out of the Middle East where the enemies did not fear him, and the allies did not trust him.

What it ironically did, and prophetically even, is that it caused the major Sunni countries that are oil producers along the Persian Gulf, to look to Israel for cooperation. You had the Saudis, then you had the Kuwaitis, United Arab Emirates, and then Egypt, and we can throw Jordan in there, too; all started cooperating with Israel, sharing intelligence, especially with Egypt and Israel on the Sinai, then in the Persian Gulf, with those very important oil producing Sunni countries.

What was happening is, you were developing a coalition of Israel and wealthy Sunni countries. President Trump comes in, he’s got pragmatic men in place. His defense team, even the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) says it’s probably one of the best, if not the best we’ve ever had. Every one of those guys, Mattis, McMaster, Pompeo at the CIA, Dunford and others, understand fully what the greatest threat to the Middle East is, and it’s Iran.

President Trump is attempting to develop a coalition between the U.S., Israel and Sunni countries. His trip in about 10, 12 days to Riyadh, he’s going to spend two nights there. He’s going to meet with the leaders of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). That’s the oil producing countries along the Persian Gulf, and also the leadership of Saudi Arabia. They are going to do what they can to develop a coalition that’s going to go toward the number one threat which is Iran. That’s exactly what Nikki Haley said at the U.N. the other day. The focus needs to be off Israel, and the focus needs to be on the real problem in the Middle East, and that’s Iran. They are being called out.

Incredibly, you look at Ezekiel 38 and 39, you look at Jeremiah 49 and 35-39 talks about Elam, which is modern day Persia. You look at Isaiah 17:1 that talks about the destruction in Damascus, possibly even the Psalm 83 coalition of countries. All of these countries are falling into place. That’s what’s so interesting… It’s amazing how fast everything is coming together and falling into place. Only God knows how it’s going to play out in the timing of it, but it’s certainly aligning.”

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