QUESTION #4: Tell us what you experienced at the White House on the National Day of prayer and what you think the strategy is for President Trump’s upcoming trip to the Middle East. Do you think a peace deal could be brokered?


Bill Koenig:

“… I was there at the Rose Garden that afternoon, actually late morning. It was 11:00 o’clock on the morning of the National Day of Prayer. It was phenomenal sitting there in the Rose Garden, and you’ve got Steven Curtis Chapman singing two wonderful Christian songs, and the last one was the Lord’s Prayer. It was just so powerful… All the evangelical leaders that had worked so hard to help get Trump and Mike Pence elected. Mike Pence had a great introduction of President Trump. It was a pretty remarkable day.

They’ve got a strategy in this, too. They’ve only showed a little bit about what their plan is in terms of the two executive orders they signed, which is a great plan. We can go into more detail in future shows, but it was a great day to be there.

Then, as you said, he announced this trip to what I see as the leaders of two and a half billion people. You’ve got the Sunni’s, the 80 to 85 percent of the Sunnis. You’ve got about a billion people that the king of Saudi Arabia leads, and then you have him going to Israel, obviously a great place for Jews and Christians, but that’s the home of the Jewish people, and also Christians.

Then going to the Vatican, the Catholic church probably has a billion-people worldwide, and have been very pro-Palestinian, because a lot of their bishops in the Middle East are Palestinian. They have already opened direct diplomatic relations with the future State of Palestine. It was confirmed last June. Wow, this is just huge. Here’s a president that’s going to attempt to unify these faiths, and at the same time get the faiths to come against the greatest threat, which is radical Islam.

That’s part of it. ISIS, they’re going to be very direct about Iran, the threat that Iran is, the Caliphate that they are attempting to assemble in the Middle East with most of it completed. Obviously Iran speaks of the great Satan, which is the United States, and the little Satan, which is Israel. This is symbolically, and in reality, just a big thing. Every president gets that elusive belief, or dream that they have the deal capabilities and deal strengths to be the one that delivers the peace deal. I think Trump, with his background in negotiations thinks that he has a shot.

There’s no solution to this. He will continue. He has a lot of orthodox Jews that are associated with his ambassador David Friedman, and also Jason Greenblatt his peace negotiator, orthodox Jews that both speak Hebrew. All of this said, it’s going to be very interesting to watch this play out. First of all, he’ll go to Riyadh for a couple of days, then May 22 and 23, he’ll be in Jerusalem the day before the fiftieth anniversary on May 24th of the reunification of Jerusalem. Then to the Vatican the next day on the 24th.

We know from Scripture in Daniel 9:27, eventually there will be a covenant, a seven-year covenant. In about the midpoint, it will fail. Clearly, the anti- Christ has a very significant role in that covenant. Then Jesus returns for his thousand-year millennial reign. Powerful, that’s what we’re watching for, a future peace deal.

What’s interesting is, some of our members of congress who are incredibly strong supporters of the State of Israel said, “President Trump, you need to put pressure on the fact that Abbas, the Palestinians spent 300 million dollars a year funding terrorists, taking care of them, naming parks after them, buildings after them, public squares. You need to address that.” Then Abbas comes in with his agreement that he had all but cut with Ehud Olmert when he was Prime Minister, and before he had to leave office because of legal problems, and said, “this is where he wants to start.” Then Netanyahu said, “He’ll never start there.”

The bottom line with all this, I mean there is no deal to be made with these guys. Eventually there will be a deal. Don’t know how it will be structured, but a lot of us look at the person that will come forward with the solution which will be the anti-Messiah, or the anti-Christ, and very likely after the Lord has taken us to be with him, then these things will fall into place. I don’t completely see that happening before then, but nonetheless there is no solution today. We have seen it. It’s impossible, and neither side will do enough to make that happen.”

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