QUESTION #4: How do you advise the responsible Christian citizen to view the economics of the day and to live in light of the uncertain economic times?


Dan Celia:

“Well, I don’t think we are uncertain about a couple of things. We know how the story ends so we have an advantage to an awful lot. We know how the story is going to end, but I believe that we as Christians have to get to a place in our economy in our own personal finances where we are willing, unwavering to stand firm on the truth of the gospel first and foremost, but we have to stand firm on the thoughts and the ideas and the notions that I know for a fact, that this country was built on the principles of Judeo-Christian values.

And I also believe and know that God’s hand was very actively involved in creating the Constitution of this United States. I know that because no other constitution has ever withstood 240 unparalleled years of freedoms like this constitution has. And that could only be by the hand of God. So, we have to take faith in that this is … that we are under, as all authority is, under the hand of God. But at the same time, we’ve got to do everything that we can do in our personal lives to honor God, not just give God all the glory and the grace.

I know thousands of Christians that give glory and praises to God for what God has done in their lives, but at the very same time are using their money to support abortion or pornography. Listen, we need to as a culture, conservative Christian culture, we need to stand so unwavering that we’re going to do only, from a financial perspective and an economic perspective, that which honors God… And that’s what we need to do, and then trust in God that under his authority, things will be taken care of…”

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