QUESTION #1: During Donald Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia, he called for Muslim countries to drive out radical terrorism. To unite together to bring peace in war torn areas. Do you think the Muslims are going to be able to do what he’s asked?


Shahram Hadian:

“Absolutely not. They’re not going to be able to do what they’re asked to do because a leopard can’t change its spots. Again, he’s giving this message in the heart of Islam, in Saudi Arabia, a nation that is one of, in fact is it the top funder of mosque building around the world. It is the top funder of Sharia councils in the world. This is a nation that has poured billions of dollars, Dr. DeYoung, into our nation, into our schools, our universities, our media, influencing our focus of what Islam is, or basically whitewashing what Islam is.

For him to sit there and say … Now, granted I will say it was bold of him to speak in front of that audience of these Sunni leaders and say, “Look, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to live in freedom or not.” The problem is you’re asking them to change something that has been around for 1,400 years, that is at the core of what Islam is and who Muhammad is, their prophet…

One of the things that I do believe is happening is that I think there’s a great internal strife within the administration. I think there are those like the likes of Steve Bannon who probably do understand Islam, Islam and the Islamic political ideology. Then there are those like McMaster, his Head of National Security, National Security Advisor, who doesn’t even like the term “radical Islam” and terrorism. Apparently, he’s repulsed by it. This internal conflict is there. They don’t understand it. Once again, our leadership doesn’t understand Islam, unlike Obama that was actually an apologist for Islam. At least President Trump is not that, in my opinion, but I think he’s getting very poor advice and he’s not dealing with the enemies and he’s not draining the swamp.

Saudi Arabia, I mean the irony. To go to a nation, Dr. DeYoung, that in … You know, what’s interesting is the State Department, most people probably don’t know this, the State Department has guidelines for travel if non-Muslims travel into Saudi Arabia. In their guidelines, they talk about that if you’re a homosexual you go into Saudi Arabia you could be arrested, flogged, or killed. If you take drugs, if you have alcohol, that there are criminal punishments, that those who are non-Muslims are not allowed in Mecca, are not allowed in Medina. There is no religious freedom, there is no freedom, so the irony, Dr. DeYoung, of him sitting there speaking to these Islamic Sunni leaders asking them to somehow moderate Islam when their nation has these criminal codes.

Do you know that last year alone they executed, I believe it was 158 people in Saudi Arabia by beheading. This is not ISIS. This is the government of Saudi Arabia. Here our president is saying we have common values. This is delusional where we’re at again. Once again, nothing is changing in DC.”