QUESTION #4: Why is the Muslim Brotherhood ultimately responsible for the acts of terrorism around the world?


Shahram Hadian:

“Because the goal of jihad, the goal of attacks like Manchester isn’t just to kill. The ultimate goal is to impose the Sharia, to impose the law of Allah. They believe this is the highest law. That’s why polls are showing now that over 50% of Muslims in America, this was done in 2015, polled by Center for Security Policy, shows that they would prefer Sharia over American laws.

…Let’s not forget that it was the Muslim Brotherhood through one of their front groups, IAP, that created Hamas. They created the Palestinian Authority basically. What is happening in Gaza, what is happening in the West Bank, this whole situation with Israel, it’s the Muslim Brotherhood. Their agenda according to their own language in America is to sabotage, quote, this is a quote from their mission statement “sabotage our miserable house and destroy from within.” We have to wake up.

Unfortunately, the current administration, the Justice Department, our law enforcement community has been so infiltrated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood thanks to the previous occupier of the White House, the former Muslim, or the Muslim who was in the White House in my opinion, Mr. Obama, that they are running our national security apparatus. That’s why Trump made a huge mistake in my opinion in hiring someone like McMaster and not cleaning house- because all they’re doing is simply parodying what has already been before. These guys want nothing but to overthrow us.”