QUESTION #3: How should we be dealing with nations like Saudi Arabia and others that appear to agree to what President Trump is proposing, but in reality have no intention of dealing with the problem?


Shahram Hadian:

“This is the problem with dealing with a nation like Saudi Arabia that is one of the top, if not the top, funder of the Muslim Brotherhood and of their entities. The fact that we have President Trump making a deal with Saudi Arabia for upwards of $400 billion in military equipment, in looking at weaponry, more manufacturing, not manufacturing, more investment into the United States. The number one thing that the Trump administration should have done, which is what they said they were going to do, was to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. This is coming from Congress. Senator Ted Cruz has legislation to that end. The president could have directed the Justice Department to do this. They have backed off. The reason they have backed off is partially because of the State Department and partially because of the Saudi government because the Saudi government told them it wouldn’t be a good idea. Listeners and believers must understand how much sway and influence these allegiances, these alliances have.

One of the things that was just on my mind, was in the Bible, in the Old Testament the nation of Israel got in trouble time and time and time again biblically when they made allegiances with their very enemy because supposedly for peace. I believe as a nation here in America we are making the same mistakes. We are spiritually blinded because of our rejection of God, the true God, and we’re making alliances.

The Muslim Brotherhood … I mean, one of things that makes me just fume, , is after the attacks in Manchester a few days ago where 22 mostly younger people, one I think was a nine-year-old if I remember right, eight or nine-year-old little girl was murdered by this Islamic terrorist jihadist who carried out this attack. Not only is the media in the United States coming to the aide of protecting Muslims and worrying about Muslim backlash but CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, they went on a rampage on Twitter, basically going after anybody they saw as coming out against this horrific event. There was a sheriff in Denton County who came out and made a statement about the attacks about how, in Texas, about how another jihadist is going to kill us, they want to kill us. I mean, that’s the fact. They want to kill us. CAIR goes after them and CAIR is trying to defend (the jihadists). We’ve got wake up.

CAIR, of course, as you know, is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s why we have to stop making appeasement our goal and start defending our nation again if we’re going to have any chance of this nation standing. I think we’re biblically following the path, prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes.

One of the things that I forgot to mention in the last segment was you notice that even President Trump unfortunately used this language in his speech of the tri-faith movement, this idea that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all share an Abrahamic faith. This is factually completely incorrect. Islam is not an Abrahamic faith. In fact, Islam denies the legitimate seed of Abraham as Isaac. This is deception, but unfortunately, it’s being played out. I think it’s leading us right into that global one-world religion.”