QUESTION #4: What happens when the whole concept of human rights or unalienable rights given by God gets in the way of human government to the point that the government dissolves those human rights? What is going to be the end result of that, whether it’s the United States or the United Kingdom and how close are we to this kind of scenario?


David New:

“….Well, we’re very much in danger and one of the reasons why Bernie Sanders said the kinds of things that he said to that individual, and it was a horrible thing, I hope somebody sat him down and read Article 6 of the Constitution, but the reason why he talks like that and you wouldn’t have heard that 50 years ago, you wouldn’t have heard it perhaps even 40 years ago, but there’s a reason why Americans are talking like that, and one of the reasons is what happened in 1962, when the Supreme Court came up and said that prayer in a public school violates the constitution. They were sending a subtle message: the message was prayer is offensive speech.

That’s when America took a new turn. Forget about the actual issue whether kids can pray in a public classroom or not. That was just the surface violation, or surface issue. There is a deeper message than just that, and that is that religious speech is offensive speech, and that’s why America took a sharp turn. We’re away from where we used to value the freedom of religion in this country, to where it’s now a liability to even serve in the United States government.

The end result is going to be that you’re going to have a Soviet America. You’re going to have a Nazified America. Because that’s, in effect, what those states representing, including our good friends in China, they believe that the state has priority over the individual. The state is more important than the individual. The state provides everything to the individual and, therefore, the individual is subservient to the interest of the state.”

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