QUESTION #1: Do you think an open and free society needs to be limited because of things like the shooting in VA, or do you think that there is another cause behind this type of occurrence?


Dr. Gary Dull:

“…We all know how society has been limited in many, many ways since 9/11/01. I’m certain that there is going to be more security around congressmen as a result of this, and our senators and so forth. I often think, though, that we really miss the point. The point isn’t the gun; the point isn’t the protection, although protection is needed, and the right usage of a gun certainly is wise. When it comes down to it, it’s the heart of the individual. That’s what the American Pastors Network is all about, trying to proclaim the truth of the Word of God to change people’s lives and change people’s hearts.

We can’t limit ourselves to the point that we can’t even go out in public without having some kind of restriction. This is a free society. A free society and democracy is going to bring these kind of things, and I think that we need to understand that. We need to know that that’s the truth. I’m not one to say, well, let’s put up higher walls and let’s put our congressmen in greater protective circles, to the degree that I am saying let’s get out the Word of God, that it’ll change people’s lives, and when hearts are right, then these kind of things will stop.”

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