QUESTION #4: We know that an influx of Muslim refugees will only further serve the purposes of Islam to establish their own ‘nation within a nation’. We know the refugees likely will not assimilate and the problems currently being experienced by European nations are about to become our own. What are some of the biggest lies about Islam fooling the American public and even the church?


Leo Hohmann:

“…whenever a terrorist attack is committed, we’re told that it has nothing to do with Islam. That’s lie number one. The Islamists who commit the terror attacks tell us that it has everything to do with Islam. I guess we’re not supposed to believe them. They tell us that not all Muslims are violent, and that’s one of those very effective half-truths, you know, not all Muslims. Of course not all Muslims. Not all Germans were Nazis. Not all Russians we Bolsheviks. It didn’t matter. The people with the ideology, with the money, and with the weapons are all that were relevant in the Bolshevik Revolution, in the Nazi wave that overtook Germany. Peaceful Muslims, while they do exist, are irrelevant. That’s one of those half-truths that’s very, very effective.

Perhaps the biggest and most insidious lie of all, and this is the one that gets many of our Christian pastors hooked in, sadly, is that Allah is the same God. Allah, the same God that we worship. We just view him in a little bit different way. We see God as God the father, and holy spirit, and God the son, the trinity, but Allah is really no different. It’s just a different way of looking at the exact same God. This is just so harmful to our Christian churches, Sam, as you know. You know, that great, ancient, Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, said, “Know your enemy, and know yourself… We don’t see the enemy. We think he’s just a clone of ourselves. He’s no different. It’s just another religion, another path to God, but it’s not any different, and we don’t know ourselves anymore either. We used to call ourselves, we wouldn’t be ashamed to call ourselves a Christian nation, but now we don’t want to use that label. How can we win this battle if we don’t know our enemy and we don’t know ourselves?

Also, we hear that Muslims are, quote unquote, ’people of the book’. The Muslims who engage us in the interfaith dialogue will say, “Oh. We revere the Bible. You’re people of the book. We also believe in the book, the Bible.” The only problem is they see the Bible much differently than we do. They believe that the Bible has been corrupted. They do revere the apostles, but they believe that the New Testament was corrupted by later Christians, Paul especially they have a lot of animosity toward. They believe that he corrupted the New Testament. They believe the Jews didn’t get the Old Testament quite right. Yes. They believe in Abraham. They use Jesus for the Christians to establish a, quote, common word and a common leader. “We believe in Jesus.” They use Abraham for the Jewish community. “We believe in Abraham.”

Well, it’s not the same Jesus, and it’s not the same Abraham. Jesus to them is not the son of God. He did not die on the cross for our sins. He was a prophet, who will return in the last days to convert the world to Islam, and he’ll tell all the Christians that they got it wrong. They were fooled all these years. Their Bible’s been corrupted that he’s a Muslim, and that they should convert, and if they don’t, then they risk losing their lives. Then with the Jewish faith they say, “We believe in Abraham,” but what they don’t say is, “We don’t believe that Abraham gave his blessing to Isaac. No. It went to Ishmael. Ishmael is the seed of blessing.” Well, that’s the Arab race and Islam. Isn’t that convenient? You know, this is their people of the book.

We need to start learning this, and we need to start asking further questions, and that’s the problem. The pastors who are involved in these interfaith, bridge building dialogues refuse to ask the hard questions…”

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