QUESTION #2: What will it take for the press and the president to be able to dialogue and have mutual respect for each other?


Dave Kistler:

“In part, the answer is for us to get back to civility and mutual respect. I think it’s going to take a commitment on the part of media, to be sure, as well as on the part of presidents down the road, and the current President.

Not suggesting by what I’m about to say the current President doesn’t have a commitment for this. But I’m going to say this, on the part of the media especially, it’s going to take a commitment to truth rather than the advancement of their own agenda which typically tends to be a leftist, liberal agenda.

It’s going to take a commitment to country rather than the advancement of themselves. And if that takes place, which is what I believe we had a lot more of from the time period of John F. Kennedy, then we can hope for a refreshing time like that again where the media and the president can laugh together. But I think it’s going to take those two things.

Does it go deeper than just the personality and a fight between journalists and the president? I think it does. I think what’s going on is this, and it goes to the heart of what I’ve just said, the media’s commitment is to a world view that is antithetical to the world view that Donald Trump is espousing.

And while they go after him personally, while it’s become very, very personality-oriented and directed, I think the thing they’re scared to death of is the world view that he represents. Again, what we appreciate about the President is not so much trying to promote him as an unflawed individual because there are no unflawed people.

But the worldview he is espousing, the world view that he is supporting to a large degree is that which is in line with what the Scriptures teach from a philosophical standpoint. It is that that is the basis of the battle going on.”