QUESTION #1: For a leading news editor to make a claim that it’s dangerous to be a journalist, to blame it on the President, and to set the stage that if anything happens, it’s really the President’s fault is really a something significant. What are your thoughts on this matter?


Dave Kistler:

“…Right out of the box, I want to say this, it’s incredibly dangerous right now to be a United States Congressman. It’s incredibly dangerous and has been for the last several years. It’s always been this way but it’s been ramped up over the last two, three, four, five years to be a law enforcement officer. I would submit to you that our prior President created the climate with law enforcement and the media was complicit.

Now, we have a gentleman who goes out, and I use the word gentleman incredibly loosely, and takes over 60 shots at congressmen playing on a ball field, Republican congressmen, no doubt motivated by much of what he has seen in the news describing these congressmen and politicians, the President, in a very demeaning and negative way. Now it’s never right for anybody to be made a target but I would submit if the journalists and the media are feeling the heat, maybe they now are experiencing a little bit of what they have created for law enforcement and for politicians. I think it’s an overstatement on the part of these two (news reporters) but I think if there is any truth to it, maybe they’re feeling a little bit of what they perhaps should feel.”