QUESTION #3: Tell us why  Medi-Share can be an attractive alternative to Obamacare?


Michael Gardner:

“…The three big things that make Medi-Share really appealing to people are, number one, it’s a biblical community of people coming together. So that’s something that’s important for people to remember…Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing ministry where Christians come together, and they directly share one another’s medical burdens. Money is not pooled. Medi-Share is not insurance. We try to make that really clear to people. It’s an alternative.

One of the really great things that we’re happy about is that Christians do have an option. They don’t have to choose a plan. There’s Medi-Share as an option. So, the fact that there’s a biblical community coming together, I think, is really an appealing thing. It’s also really affordable. People, when they become members, abide by a statement of faith, they agree to a statement of faith. We have lifestyle requirements that we ask people to subscribe to as well. By living biblically honoring, healthy lifestyles, it helps to keep it affordable for the membership as well. One of the other great things is that there are a lot of good healthcare resources available for members as well, to help them improve their health, if they’d like to do that, or if they need to do that.

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