QUESTION #2: Is there any reason to believe that what might be rebuilt on the back of a broken system will look anything like what we had before Obamacare or what we would want to see modeled in a biblically based system of health care?


Gary Dull:

“I don’t think that the government can establish a proper health care system at all. As a matter of fact, government’s just going to mess it up entirely. It reminds me of the person who said that a rhinoceros is a horse that a committee made. You get the government involved with something, and what you have is a mess.

They’re talking a whole lot about repeal and replace. My suggestion to the government is that they should repeal and forget. Repeal and forget developing a health care system as they are working on now, and, number one, give the states the option to run their own health care system. Number two, run it through private citizenship or companies, and, number three, involve the church component.

The best thing that the government can do is get health care out of the government. Give it to the states. Give it to private companies, and involve the church. Then I think we would be able to come up with the right kind of a health care system.”

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