Question #3: Is unity possible once again in America?


Dave Kistler:

“Yesterday Sam was quoted in the Lifezette publication with some comments on the Charlottesville incident that were very powerful. Let me read it here:

‘The deplorable circumstances in Charlottesville should indeed get the attention of all Americans, yet in the midst of this event for which both sides share blame these questions must not be overlooked. What has happened in America to produce such increasing hostilities and anger among our people, and can unity be achieved just because our leaders are demanding it? In reality, we didn’t get to this place by accident nor overnight. The rejection of moral truth, healing, and transformative power of redemption and forgiveness available only through Jesus Christ is where it started.

The coarsening of society is assured where life in the womb is cavalierly discarded, where God’s plan for the family and human sexuality is decadent, where a selfless-others focus is replaced with a selfish-only focus, and where duty is replaced with rights, such is the situation today. Is unity achievable? The answer is yes, but for some even this statement may be dividing, yet it is nonetheless the truth. Here’s the statement, by the way. Unity is not the goal but a byproduct. Unity never demands full agreement in all things by all people, yet what unity does demand is an agreement on a common body of truth.

In the United States, that common body of truth was found in the Judeo-Christian scriptures where there is God who created life and then endowed certain unalienable rights to the people who under God agree with God that he is perfect, that mankind is sinful and not naturally good. Any nation or people who believes these things can experience peace, security, and unity. Our nation once did, not ever perfect of course, but overwhelmingly embraced this view, and God blessed it as no nation ever before it.

We will now in this time in increasing need either look to God and agree with him and do what he says and regain our freedom we so love, or we will look to ourselves, to government, or to some man or woman and descend into the abyss of slavery and totalitarianism. There is no other choice.’

These comments were published in an article on the Lifezette website HERE.

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