QUESTION #3: APN has recently heard from many Pastors in Africa. In a recent trip to Kenya, you talked with the Pastors there and they shared their concerns about the upcoming election. Can you share some of what you heard?

Gary Dull:

“I talked to three separate pastors from three separate groups who had the same concern. The concern is that the Kenyan government has decided that they want to vet pastors. What they are saying is that there are some pastors who are teaching adverse doctrines and some things that are far out. According to the information that I have the government officials do not want that particular type of doctrine, those types of things taught. What the government is going to do is this, they have a bill already written that will call for the vetting of all pastors and the pastors do not meet the particular standards that the government sets up then they won’t be able to preach, their churches may be closed down, and it’s going to have a great negative impact upon Christianity throughout the entire Kenyan nation.

As I said, this particular bill is already written. Next Tuesday, on August the 8th is the national election. They are holding this bill back. They were afraid to bring it up for vote, for fear that a number of those in the government over there would be voted out. They are holding this off until after the election on August the 8th at which time shortly thereafter they are going to bring this bill up to a vote. If it is voted on positively, then the pastors will be vetted. If they don’t come from the right school, don’t have the right education, don’t have the right degree, or not teaching the right doctrine according to the government then they will not be able to preach or teach until they get the proper qualifications, certifications, whatever the case may be that the government wants.

They’re very, very concerned. Some of them even see the possibility of Islamic involvement here, to do what it can to actually bring to naught the teaching and the ministry of Christianity there in Kenya. It’s a very, very serious matter. We’ve been asked to help them deal with this from a pastoral perspective. It’s a serious issue.”

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