QUESTION #4: During the US 2016 Election, we know that Kenyan Christians were praying for us and we’re very grateful. How can American Christian’s pray Kenya during and following their election?


Pastor Andrew Kamia:

“…I greet you from Nairobi, Kenya. We are here now counting down five days till the 8th of August when we’re expecting one of the most vital election ever experience in this nation. One of the key things, I want the American people to understand is that we are one body. As a Christian, whether you are in Americas, or America, whether you are in Australia- one. We are protectors of one body of Christ. If one body is hurt or one part of the body is wounded, this will affect us globally in one way or the other. If America church is persecuted, Kenyan church will feel it one way. So, let’s come to this election right August 8th, next Tuesday to pray for Kenya.

We are looking back on a 10-year cycle of the worldly experience. In 2007, we had actually paused election ballots where we lost over thousands of Kenyans after the election because one of the presidential candidates could not concede or accept the results. We are now here praying, the praying church, the Kenyan church with our partners from America believe and rest of Africa. We are saying, we don’t want to go the same way. We don’t lose even one soul. We have prayed that there’ll be peace. We have prayed that … Kenya is coming to 53 years of independence, sees independence. So, we are saying that this is going to birth a new cycle or a new belief, you know celebration. We need the right leadership. Men who have values, Christian values, who are looking at the value of the families and standing with principles like life, or honoring families. Recognizing God in spite of what we as community and the nation are doing, as to godly living.

We learned that the American church want to pray with us and not only that as I say we’re thankful for the American brothers who has come to stand with us here in Nairobi. They’re teaching us things we can read to a large people. To get out to vote. Together as Christians, this has never been (done) before.”