QUESTION #1: What percentage of churches in North America are effectively reaching their communities with the gospel?


Pastor Isaac Crockett:

“Recent research just released by LifeWay Research… found that 93 to 94% of our churches are not effectively evangelizing. They said just barely over 5% of our churches are effectively evangelizing their communities.

They also found that most churches that are growing are growing mostly from people transferring out of other churches; most of them are not growing from conversions. They measured this by looking at the number of baptisms per year in the church based on the number of congregants in attendance. In fact, based on those numbers they say that in an average church it takes 19 people to see one conversion per year. This is just the numbers, on average, when you put these on paper to see what’s happening, 19 people per year per conversion that that church would see.

Another poll that was released from LifeWay shows that out of 3,000 people who were interviewed that claimed to be Protestant church goers, only 50% of those church goers could say that spiritual matters come up as a normal part of their daily conversations. That means half of the people going to our Protestant churches do not just bring up spiritual matters in a normal conversation. In that same survey, over 25% percent of those surveyed, could not say that most of the people that know them know they are a Christian. That means one out of four of our Christians going to Protestant churches, the people around them, their neighbors, and coworkers, do not know that they are Christian.”

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