QUESTION #3: What are some of those fundamental, non-negotiable things that can unite us?


David Kistler:

“The one common denominator that was true in the days of the founding of the country, not all of those men were Bible-believing Christians either, but they did all have a healthy respect for the Divine. They understood there was a Divine creator to whom we would all one day give an account, and we could rally around that and some non-negotiable core principles that would keep this nation together.

I want to use this phrase, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. Boy, that’s a powerful statement. That’s definitely true with our nation. Rather than focusing on the individual parts and those things that divide us, the whole, keeping this nation moving, this grand and glorious experiment in freedom, is greater than any individual right, agenda, whatever you want to call it that I or anybody on Capitol Hill has. The nation being advanced is what’s most important.

…Our founders obviously believed in that and they believed in God. I’m not talking about Allah. I’m talking about the Judeo-Christian God. Again, this is probably not the time and place to talk about the First Amendment and all of the aspects of what our founders believed about religion and so on. It was very clear in the founding era of this country, they had a firm belief in the God of the Bible, the Judeo-Christian God…

Then, that precious document called the Constitution, …called by one Brit the greatest document ever to come from the pen of man, with the exception being the Bible being the greatest one, but other than the Bible, this is the second greatest document. We need to focus on the Constitution. Tragically, we have politicians in D.C. and we have citizens that have never even read the document. The principles ensconced in that document of liberty, responsibility, understanding to be free-I have to take a responsibility upon myself as a citizen in a free country. These things, God, Constitution, freedom, responsibility, these are the things that are the fundamental pillars that’ll keep us up, or if they’re destroyed that’ll take us down.”

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