QUESTION #2: Who’s really in charge of the policy that’s coming out of Washington?


Michelle Bachmann:

“…you’re asking the right question, because the voters decided that Donald Trump would be in charge last November 8th. God clearly gave us a reprieve, an answer to our prayers for this country. People of this country gave Donald Trump that position, and that level of trust because of three primary issues.

They wanted to see him stop illegal immigration in the United States. They wanted to see him repeal Obamacare, and they wanted him to keep Islamist supremacist Muslims out of the United States. All those three issues, plus concerns about Israel and a few other things, that’s really the top issue.

Since President Trump has come into office, it has really been head-spinning, because we hear one set of issues out of the President’s mouth. Sometimes the President has been contradicting himself. But what’s been even more surprising are the people that President Trump has surrounded himself and the people that he has put in key positions, many of whom are liberal Democrats who have a very strong liberal Democrat background. So, there’s real consternation by people that the President would be getting advice that would be reflective of how he campaigned.

So, here we are today. We are hearing from the President’s very top advisors. He hasn’t even filled that many slots, quite honestly. He has over 4,000 slots that he can fill. He’s filled very few. Those that he has filled, have been primarily liberal Democrats. So, the advice that he’s been given just in this last week … When you look at his September 11th speech and all the speeches that came out of the Administration, not one mentioned the issue of radical Islam. That’s a huge departure from what the President campaigned on. Very concerning.

Number two, dealing with this immigration issue. It looks like the President’s people completely repudiated the President’s position on dealing with illegal immigration by granting full citizenship to millions and millions. It won’t be 800,000. It’ll probably be five or six million illegal aliens.

Then third, of course, nothing is happening on Obamacare. Then over this weekend, there are more stories about McMaster, and Gary Cohn, Rex Tillerson, Dana Paul, all of these people pushing President Trump into going back into the fatal Paris Treaty, which would kill capitalism. It is just beyond … Really beyond comprehension. It appears that an ideological coupe has happened in the Administration.

That’s disheartening, and I don’t know if the President fully appreciates what’s happening under his watch, and how disheartening this will be for the base if the President continues to go forward. Now, after this disastrous DACA decision, or what appeared like a decision this last week, there was a scrambling that was going on. They had a PR problem with their base. They said in 10 days they’re going to give a more complete picture. Well, the complete picture is that you’ve got to stick with your campaign promises.

So that’s really where I think as believers, your audience needs to come into play, because this is really a time for prayer and for speaking up. Because we support this president, but we don’t support positions that are the complete opposite from what he said he was going to campaign on. So, we need to be in prayer, but we also need to speak up.”

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