QUESTION #3: When you heard the breaking news recently about a Congresswoman criticizing President Trump for his phone call to a young Gold Star widow, as somebody who has gone through this difficult process, what were your thoughts of this being made public and going into the news?


Burton Kephart:

“When I first heard it for the very first time it made me very angry. Then I got to thinking, you know what? I really feel sorry for those who are so critical of our president because I’ve learned in my lifetime a long time ago, it is far easier to criticize the one doing something than it is to be doing what they are doing.

That’s what I thought. I honestly felt sorry for her. I also thought that President Trump has a lot on his plate as president of our great country. I have to really admire him for his sincerity in desiring to call these families and to express his condolences to them. May I say this by personal experience? It is not easy for anyone to find the words to speak to a family that is grieving in the loss of a loved one.

Then I thought this, there’s a Scripture verse that says, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” I’ll guarantee you, those who are so critical of his efforts in expressing his condolences to these families, I’ll guarantee you they haven’t made that phone call. If you ask me, that’s being somewhat hypocritical. That’s what I thought.”

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