QUESTION #3: Since Israel is feeling threatened because of the latest agreement between President Trump and Putin, what will they do?


JR McGee:

“… this has now become more complicated by what’s going on in Lebanon right next door. On November 3rd, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Hariri had to leave. He basically abrogated his position and escaped. There’s not any other way to put it. He escaped to Saudi Arabia, where he stays today.

It is my strong belief that he was in the process of being targeted for assassination by Hezbollah. He has been working with Saudi Arabia and with Egypt to be a counter balance to Hezbollah in Lebanon. And Lebanon recently acknowledged that Hezbollah was now an official part of the Lebanese army. And they moved against Hariri to take control of the entire government, and the entire military.

He says that he is going to return back to Lebanon very shortly. But, I don’t think that he can do that without severe personal threat to his safety, and his family. But, this shows you how unstable this entire region has become. It’s directly at the influence of Iran.

Iran is behind all of this because Hezbollah is directly supported, funded, trained, and backed by Iran and all of these elements. As are the factions that are supporting the Syrian Army, and the Syrian Militias against the freedom fighters in Syria. It’s all connected. These dots are easy to put together. They’re hard to see if you don’t understand the map, and you don’t understand the politics. But, once you see it, it’s crystal clear what’s occurring.

And, frankly, I think that it is a fulfillment in Ezekiel 38 and 39. This alliance that is specifically called out in that chapter of the Bible is actually coming to life before our very eyes. And Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan are under direct threat because they’re all Sunni countries. This alliance is Shia countries.”

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