QUESTION #2: Who are the major players in the power struggle taking place in the Middle East?


JR McGee:

“Well, the players are numerous. And, like the old joke says, you can’t tell the players without a score card. You have Iran, who is aligned with Russia on one side, which is major because we’ve removed ourselves from Iraq. Iran has virtually taken over Iraq, and now Syria, and Lebanon as of November 3rd.

This gives Iran a clear unobstructed route to move missiles, technology, military goods and arms, and people from to Iran all the way into Lebanon, through Syria, through Iraq. Everywhere that we used to hold, and held secure, is now in the backyard of the Iranians. This is a direct threat to Israel, because this is on Israel’s Northern and Western border. It’s a direct threat to Saudi Arabia, and to Egypt.

On the other side, you’ve got Saudi Arabia, you’ve got Egypt, and you’ve got Jordan. King Abdullah in Jordan is very concerned about all of these things that are going on. They have an informal behind the scene’s agreement, alignment, and interactions with Israel. But, Israel itself is having to take all of these things very, very seriously. Israel has also put itself on war footing.

Ironically, this week, Israel is holding a blue flag exercise. Now, years ago I was involved with red flags, green flags, blue flags, Cope Thunder, Northern Edge, all these major military exercises. I ran the ranges that these were conducted on. I know them very well, I helped plan some of them.

Blue flag is for command and control, and for coordination from different air forces, different organizations. How they work together, how do they communicate? How do they inter operate? That is going on this week in Israel. I don’t think the timing could be better for a major operation of this nature. There’s a lot of different countries. They’re in Israel, they’re doing this as we speak.

Then you’ve got an alignment that just happened last week between President Trump, and the President of Russia, Putin. And they came up with an agreement to battle ISIS in Syria. And as part of that agreement Iran and Hezbollah were given permission to set up military command and control systems, and bases 20 kilometers from the border with Israel on the Golan Heights. Israel has considered this to be unacceptable, and this morning just a few hours ago Benjamin Netanyahu put out a statement that said, “Israel will defend her borders as she sees fit.”

That’s a direct quote, that’s not diplomatic language. That is the language who is highly upset about something that they think drastically and negatively impacts Israel’s ability to secure herself and her people.”

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