QUESTION #4: We’ve heard there’s a US military base in Israel. Tell us about that and how it affects all that’s happening the Middle East.


JR McGee:

“We’ve been in that location for some time now, it’s basically some of our soldiers who were part of the ballistic mission defense, and air defense networks. Israel has an extremely good layered defense. They have Iron Dome for short range missiles, mortars, and rocket attacks. They’ve got David’s Sling, which is a missile system for intermediate range. And now they’ve got Arrow 2 and Arrow 3. Arrow 3 just became operational. Those are for long range ballistic missile defense systems.

The United States has cooperated with Israel over the years in both research and development, and now operations. We have put people on the ground there. It’s been officially notified. I talked to your listeners the last time I was on the show, and said this base was being put up. It’s now being announced, and brought out into the open.

This is so that we can not only coordinate with them, but so that we can position this, just like we’re doing in South Korea. A trip wire, so that people see we’re serious about being there.”

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