QUESTION #1: Please define “worldview”.


Dr. Nathan Crockett:

“…We often use terms like ‘worldview’ or the term ‘meta-narrative’ and it can be perhaps confusing to people, but it’s really quite simple. Webster would define it as a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world, especially from a specific standpoint. Basically, what we’re talking about is it’s almost like you’re wearing glasses, and for anyone who’s ever been snow-skiing or snowboarding, I’ve tried that before when I speak for youth groups at ski retreats and I usually end up rolling down the hill more than skiing down the hill, but oftentimes if you have those snowboarding or skiing glasses on or goggles, they’re tinted a certain color, maybe yellow, maybe red.

Without even really realizing it, you start seeing everything through that color and maybe actually when you get to the ski lodge and you take off your glasses, you realize, “Oh, everything’s not tinted yellow, or the snow doesn’t actually look pinkish-red,” because those glasses were actually affecting everything that you saw. And so, your world view is the same way. It’s oftentimes something that can be very subtle, depending on the generation in which you grew up in. Someone who grows up in India in a Hindu culture is going to have a different worldview than someone growing up typically in the US and so that worldview affects so much about us when we call it a meta-narrative, we just mean the overarching story, the big story.

What’s the story that, to you, helps everything else make sense. That would be the meta-narrative that you’re approaching life from. So, worldview would be like colored glasses that you put on and you end up seeing everything that you see through that lens. I think a good example of this would be if you ever have the chance to go to the Creation Museum, they will have all kinds of displays and they’ll show you the same evidence and they’ll say from a secular, as Sam was saying, a God-less worldview, you would describe something this way, but from a God-centered worldview, a Biblical worldview, we would see it this way.”

It really shows you, time and time again, how your worldview ends up influencing so much about you.”

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