Question #5: Where does faith come into the picture?


Pastor Bob Burgess:

“I trust my Lord. I trust my Savior. I trust him tremendously. I’m surprised that He would use me to oversee His flock, but He trusts me to oversee his flock, and that’s a two-way street there. I am accountable and responsible. He tells me that I watch for their souls. That’s a spiritual, but I also watch for their safety and well-being and absolutely, I do not believe that is a lack of faith to have a conviction to protect the house of God. The house of God, I do not believe, biblically, was not meant to let the world in. Christ strikes out against that time after time. Why we have been conditioned, I do not believe we’ve been conditioned of God to let the world in the church. We’re supposed to go out into the world with the Gospel. It’s not the other way around.

We’re not supposed to bring the world into the church. It is the other way around. So, if we’re being lazy, and we’re not going out spiritually to evangelize the lost with the Gospel and the spreading of the Word of God, and we think we can do it sitting in a pulpit and let them come to us, we’re going to be found with egg on our face when we stand before the judgement seat of Christ.”

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