QUESTION #1: How did the concept of a Pastors Network begin?


Sam Rohrer:

“…After being office for nearly 20 years, and realizing that I was a minister of God. I’m talking personally. I was called as a minister of God in government, Romans 13, and then he called me to preach.

After being in office, and being involved in so many things, it became very obvious to me that very clearly the problems in America were not going to be solved by anybody in office, by nobody in office. They’re not going to solve these problems, because we don’t primarily have political problems. We have spiritual problems in this nation. I asked God, I asked the Lord, “You know, in your plan, in your economy, Lord, as you’ve laid out for the ruling of societies, and for the proper governors of all that you put in place, where is the one place that is most given the responsibility to preach the truth that actually is going to speak into people’s hearts and make a difference? That was the pulpit, and that’s what God laid on my heart and said, if there’s going to be a return to God in this nation, if there’s going to be a move of God in Revival, if there’s going to be a move of God in the hearts of people, it’s going to have to come from the pulpits of America, and that was where God took and put together that concept with what was then the Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network which was just a framework of a name, but they had a byline with it that said, “In the footsteps of the founders.” When I talked with the individual who initiated that, I said, “That puts it together.” The pulpit, the pastors, and in our nation’s history where we have a Constitution and God’s blessing, it was our founders, in the footsteps of the founders. “

Well, Gary, out of that came what we now talk about in this program, Bible based and constitutionally based. Our nation is here because our founding pastors, and our founding fathers, yielded to God’s plan for this nation, for their lives, and on that God then took and built what we now have around us, and our need is to get back to what they knew, what God said long ago, and what still applies for today. “

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