QUESTION #2: How did the radio program come about as a ministry production of APN?


Sam Rohrer:

“…I think it was in January 2014, that Gary, Dave, and I met with Dale Armstrong, who’s actually in Ukraine here right now as we’re speaking; and we went away, and we said, “What do we need? How do we feel God leading in our lives? How do we take the truth of God’s Word as ministers of the gospel that are committed to the authority of scripture, and salvation by faith in Christ alone, and with God’s help have the courage to preach it, how do we respond and do God’s will by emphasizing the pulpit, but know that, really, the message is to everybody in the pews?” How do we take, and do that?

We talked in that group and said, “You know what, we really could envision something in radio that could take the truth of the gospel, and the truth of biblical world view and put it out there.” You talked about it, Gary, and Dale. We talked, and we prayed about this, and God then opened up, because on this station, our anchor station, which is where we go through right now. The station is WFYL. It’s out of Valley Forge, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

The owners of that station came and said, “You know what, God’s laid on our heart that you guys really ought to have a program that actually does what you’re talking about,” and really, out of that came our weekend program, and this daily program. God moved in their lives to communicate to meet a need that God had placed in our lives, a vision, put it together and now, low and behold, here it is two years plus, this program, Stand in the Gap Today, starting on three stations, went to six stations, and now on over 450 radio stations across the country, and on satellite, communicating to almost a million people a day. Ladies and Gentlemen, is that of God or what?”

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