QUESTION #3: How do you overcome an agenda that is bent on overthrowing the Constitution and our Constitutional Republic itself? 


Sam Rohrer:

“I’m going to go to the heart of one word. We talk about it on this program a lot. We call it ‘Stand In The Gap for truth’. Truth is the element. The only solution to eradicating error. Truth is the only objective measure for thinking. Truth is the basis of knowledge. Truth is the basis of logical thinking. Truth is the missing component in this. That’s the part that a Joy Reid and others who assume a wrong premise and reject what is real, it’s because they have rejected truth. So, we can get into where that comes from, but it takes us right back to the Word of God. Ultimately, it’s a rejection of God, rejection of God’s Word, rejection of truth, rejection of the Constitution, and all these things really, they walk together.

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