QUESTION #4: Can you differentiate between knowledge and wisdom because there are many people in the spotlight who appear to be very knowledgeable on many subjects, but in the absence of Divine truth, this knowledge is intellectual at best and destructive at worst?


Sam Rohrer:

“In simple terms, wisdom is the ability to take and properly use the knowledge that you have. But it presupposes that that knowledge is a knowledge that exists based on truth, which starts with a fear of God. So, if you go to the Word of God, the book of Proverbs, many places throughout, it will say many times that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. It will also say the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge. But the fear of God is really the beginning of anything of worth or value. Whether that’s what we think, or it’s what we do with what we know, it’s the fear of God element that makes it real wisdom, instead of just some kind of educational training.

Wisdom has within it, a knowledge of God, a fear of God, a reverence for God, because it says that the person who has wisdom understands that God is a Creator, that He gave us all that we have, that we didn’t come out of the swamps somewhere in the evolutionary approach, but we were creatures made of God, in God’s image, with great value. With it, we have a purpose for living. Wisdom takes those things that humankind has dealt with for centuries. Why are we here? Why are we alive? What’s our purpose? Wisdom takes and puts it together and says, “No, there’s a reason why we’re here. We’re made in God’s image. We’re made to honor God. He loves us, He gave His son to die for us, we’re sinful, but He can redeem us and give us an eternal home in heaven. We have a purpose, a reason for living.

When we have God’s knowledge, we can look at our family and say, “There’s a reason why a father’s a father and a mother is a mother, and children are children. There’s a reason why, in fact, families work better and there’s a way to get there. There’s a way for societies to work. If a person believes those things, he’s believing God’s Word because it lays it out. It starts really at the fear of God. Wisdom is something so dramatically lacking. If it were to be regained, we’d make a tremendous change in this country. But it also can’t happen until we return to the God, I think as a nation, we’ve rejected.”

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