QUESTION #2: We know that one of the aspects of justice is uncovering wrongs and making them right. Do you think that what we’re seeing in these revelations coming forth is justice or is it more political payback (retribution)?


Dave Kistler:

“…When it comes to political retribution or justice being enacted, it’s hard to know which is which because you don’t know the motive of the heart. For example, just take yesterday’s hearing with the FBI director. There was tremendous revelations of things that have gone on with respect to this dossier that was produced against Donald Trump. There’s a lot more information yet to come out.

Well, all that’s going on there, was that motivated by politics? Probably most of it was. But here’s what I think needs to be stressed… I think all of what we’re watching, the blowing of the lid off of the swamp that is Washington DC, I think all of that is coming about because God’s creating it. I really do. I think God is creating this and the lid is being blown off of a city where people have covered their sin for decade upon decade.

Here’s the general principle. Gary quoted Proverbs 28:13, Numbers 32:23, but the principle that those verses teach is this: What we cover God has promised to uncover. But what we are willing to voluntarily uncover and confess, God has promised to cover with his forgiveness and with his grace. Proverbs 28:13 says, “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper.” But here’s the last half of the verse. “But who so confesseth and forsaketh it shall have mercy.” So, what we cover God’s going to uncover, but if we’re willing to uncover our sin voluntarily God covers it with his forgiveness and with his grace.

There’s a lot of great things going on in Capitol Hill right now with the swamp being exposed so that ultimately, hopefully it can be drained.”

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