QUESTION #4: Who needs to be stepping up in order to provide the solutions and the direction that will actually bring true change to this culture?


Dave Kistler:

“…The pastors of America, the leaders spiritually of the country need to step up. This is an incredible time. It’s an awesome opportunity we have to speak truth, not only to those on Capitol Hill, but truth into the culture with respect to what’s taking place…We have not heard anything from the lips of Al Franken or anybody else when they have been caught.

The words that David used when a preacher confronted him for his sin with Bathsheba and then the murder of her husband. In Psalm 51, I want you to listen to the terminology. “Have mercy upon me, oh God,” said David after he was confronted. “According to thy loving kindness, according to the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity. Cleanse me from my sin. I acknowledge my transgressions. My sin is ever before me. Against Thee only have I sinned and done this evil in Thy sight.” Listen to his wording. Sin, transgression, evil, iniquity. It wasn’t a mistake. It was sin.

The bottom line is this. We don’t transgress … Al Franken didn’t transgress against just a woman or a group of women or against a politically correct culture. He sinned against God. He sinned against God’s truth. And so, a confession needs to be made that we have offended a holy, righteous God. This is the time for preachers to step up and address these things from their pulpits even this coming Sunday. What a prime time to do that.”

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