Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

“We’ve got to name the enemy. We’ve got to recognize the threat. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. True Muslims follow the Quran and the Hadith, which would be the dictates of Muhammad, and that was the style of their activities to spread Islam across the world. Both of the holy books call for jihad. Political correctness is the path to death, not to survival. Reality is needed in this situation.

Islam is all radical. Muslims want a worldwide caliphate. They’re willing to die for this cause. They must be stopped, or it’s our death. And you’ve got to protect the soft targets. We’re talking about a bicycle track. That is a very soft target. The school, the churches, these targets must be watched very carefully, must be on the alert. We can’t deny the enemy is here in this country. They’re here, and we must name the enemy, must profile, and again that is a key component of being able to protect yourself against these Islamic radicals, is profiling.”