Sam Rohrer:         Across America, there are Islamic billboards that are up on freeways paid for by front groups from the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and Islamic Society of North America, ISNA, that say this, “Jesus was a Muslim.” That’s right. They say that. My question to you is: what strategic message are they trying to convince the American people about in a message like that?

IQ al-Rassooli:    That Jesus believes in Allah, their Pagan god, and that is not God.

Sam Rohrer:       In Christendom, we believe Jesus to be the Son of God. All God, yet all man. In Islam, Jesus is also highly respected, but there are major differences. What would you say are the major differences in regard to the belief in Jesus? Islam compared to Christianity?

IQ al-Rassooli:    Jesus in Islam is only human, not God, not divine.

Sam Rohrer:         What will Jesus do, according to Islam, when He comes back?

IQ al-Rassooli:    He will destroy Christianity, and send Jews and Christians to hell because they are unbelievers.

Sam Rohrer:       What’s the major point of controversy between Sunni Muslims, Saudi Arabia, and Shia Muslims, Iran?

IQ as-Rassooli:   First of all, both hate non-Muslims which is 80% if humanity. The hatred for each other, between the two of them, resides on only one item: who should lead the Muslim world as a caliph. Should it be a one descended from the bloodline of Mohammad, or could it be anybody who is a Muslim but who knows how to lead the Muslim community? That’s all the difference.

Sam Rohrer:       While there are differences, as you cite, between Shia Islam and Sunni Islam, can either one of them ever be a true friend to the United States or to the West, then?

IQ al-Rassooli:    Never.

Sam Rohrer:       Saudi Arabia right now is in a coalition with the United States. They are condemning, the Muslim Brotherhood. They’re trying to get Qatar to do the same thing- condemning the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Does that mean that Saudi Arabia disagrees with the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood or just, maybe, their tactics?

IQ al-Rassooli:    Its tactics. All Muslims speak from both sides of their mouth, which is Sharia sanctioned deception called taqiyya. Everything about Islam is deception.

Sam Rohrer:       They are not disagreeing with the Brotherhood in their effort to produce any kind of stealth jihad? Is that what you’re saying? Not at all?

IQ al-Rassooli:    Correct.

Sam Rohrer:         If the United States and Europe were to awaken to the reality of this Islamic goal to destroy our respective nations, if we would actually wake up, what would be done by those in political power and/or the church as a counter to the threat?

IQ al-Rassooli:    We would have to use draconian rule. For example, first of all, you stop all Muslim immigration. 100%. Second, you make the Quran illegal. Why? Because it incites the followers of Muhammad, called Muslims, to never be friends to non-Muslims. There’s nothing difficult about what I’m telling you. It’s all factual, and it’s all simple. You stop immigration. You make the Quran illegal because it incites people to kill.

Sam Rohrer:       What are the most important facts for American patriots, American Christians to know about Muslims in America and their goals for conquest, what would they be?

IQ al-Rassooli:    First of all, read the Quran chapters two through chapter nine. Second of all, never believe the Muslim will be loyal to you. Never. Because it is mandated in the Quran that they cannot be loyal to you under Sharia. And three, never listen to the news media. Always double check, triple check… They will lie to you 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Sam Rohrer:       What’s the most dangerous aspect of Sharia to anyone who is a Christian, Jew, or loves freedom?

IQ al-Rassooli:    No freedom. They want to submission. They want us to submit or to be exterminated.

Sam Rohrer:       Can Islam ever be separated from Sharia, or Muslims ever modify sharia, including the young, potential King of Saudi Arabia?

IQ al-Rassooli:    No. Never.