IQ al-Rassooli:

“It’s simple. There are 57 muslim majority votes in the United Nations, that’s 28% of the voting system. They buy the other 28%, literally buy them, the African ones, the Latin American ones, and what other desperates there are, so you already have over 56% of the United Nations supporting Islam.

The problem we have is simple, nobody in the United Nations dares the Muslim world to prove why Jerusalem is important to them. Nobody. All they say is “It’s important,” but they haven’t been able to prove why. They tell you that Muhammad landed in Jerusalem, that’s not true. It doesn’t say so in the Qur’an. It says so in the Hadith, 140 years after Muhammad was dead, not while he was alive. And if Jerusalem was so important to them, how come the name Jerusalem does not appear anywhere in the Qur’an, anywhere in Islamic history prior to Muhammad? Where? Not in Arabic history prior to Muhammad.

And even in the Hadith the word Jerusalem does not appear, and yet they say “It is our third holiest place.” Okay, so your third holiest place, but it’s the first and only holy place to both Christians and Jews, so how is that possible that the third holiest place is more important than the first holiest? Nobody, this should be in the United Nations, America should slay the United Nations. The beauty of America under Trump is while he is in the United Nations, he is dismembering it limb by limb.”