Sam Rohrer:                 Well, today in the news headlines, one of the things that are appearing is the fact that Barbara Bush, matriarch of the Bush family and wife of former President George Bush the elder, passed away at 92 after a long illness and a very long life.

Then yesterday, literally over my head where I was sitting in Allentown, Pennsylvania … Doing some recording yesterday, at about 35,000 feet above me, I had no idea that a Southwest Airline flight had just experienced an engine explosion with 149 people on board. All of them knowing that something had happened. Now they’re hearing from them, they saw their lives flashing in front of their faces. One person ultimately dying as a result.

Then, last Saturday, devastating explosions in a different part of the world. In Syria, over a 100 missiles, landed there in Syria, being fired by U.S., British, and French planes, and ships and submarines. The reactions and implications to these two explosions, the one up in the air, and the one overseas, are going to be theme upon which we’re going to build today’s Stand In The Gap Today program.

Our theme for today is Explosions in the Sky, Explosions on the Ground. With that, I welcome you to Stand In The Gap Today. I’m Sam Rohrer, and I’m going to be joined by evangelist Dave Kistler, and Dr. Gary Dull, and our special recurring guest, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, former Israel-based journalist, evangelist, and host of his own program, Prophecy Today.

Men, I thought we’d just take a little bit of a different direction here at the beginning of the program. I put together those two instances there, overseas, and in the air right above where I was yesterday in Allentown. When that happened, I was sitting there, I had no idea that up in the air … Really, as I look at the map of where the plane went, that Southwest flight, I was underneath of that. I had no idea what was happening up there in the sky. But there was plan full of people who thought that was the end. When I saw that and I heard that, and then I began to consider yesterday afternoon when I heard what had taken place on that plane, and we connected it with what’s happening overseas, we see explosions, explosions and we see life coming before our eyes.

I thought then, when Barbara Bush died this morning at 92 …. There’s some similarities there that perhaps we ought to just, as we give a little bit of reflection right now … My heart goes out to the family of the woman who actually lost her life on that plane yesterday when the window opened up from that shrapnel, and she ultimately lost her life. But when I read the comments of all of these people, some of them texting family members saying, “I didn’t say goodbye to you this morning. I’m saying goodbye to you now.” One man I read saw his wife was pregnant, and he sent a text to her saying, “I may never see our baby, so I’m saying goodbye.”

Gary, I just thought that this would be a little bit of a reflection here, perhaps in a way when we see these kinds of things … You’re pastor. You’ve consoled many people. You’ve had many funerals, you’ve had many marriages. But do you take opportunities like this, Gary? What could you share as an application to our listeners, a lesson that we could take away? Because I know when it comes to this flights, as an example, most of the news is consumed with the evaluations of what happened and how it happened. They’re telling us now, 12 to 18 months before we’re going to hear anything relative to what with that plane. But those life were impacted, Gary. What should we walk away from a spiritual perspective that perhaps could be an encouragement to our people listening today?

Gary Dull:                     Well Sam, there are two passages of scripture that come to my mind. One is Psalm 19 verse 12, where it says, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” And then over in James chapter 4 verses 13-15, where it says, “Go too now, ye that say, ‘Today or tomorrow we will go into such a city and continue there a year, and buy and sell and get gain.’ Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away. Or that ye aught to say, ‘If the Lord will, we shall live and do this or do that.’ None of us know what a day is going to bring.”

Therefore number one, it’s important that we be ready for death, should it come. The bible says it’s appointed that the man once to die and after this the judgment. Our life is as a vapor, here one moment and gone the next. And so, number one it’s important that we know the Lord, so that when death does come we’ll be ready to go be with the Lord.

And then secondly, we need to depend upon the Lord daily. We need to trust the Lord, daily. We need to seek God’s will and wisdom daily. And then say, “Lord, whatever your will is, that’s what I want to do.” Every day, we need to wake up in the morning and say, “Lord, what is it you want me to do today?” And then by his grace and strength, do it.

Sam Rohrer:                 You know, men, last night there was an accident on a road very close to our home. We live out in the country. We didn’t know who it was. This morning I found out that it was the mid-20’s age son of a neighbor who lives right next door to us. When I found out, I went over and I hugged my neighbor and his wife. They’re believers. They believe that their son is with the Lord. But it happened that quickly. And I shared with them the same thing. We just thought that we’d never known. And this is a time to come alongside of those, but it’s a time to also, I think to say to all of us, “Lord, what kind of a shape are our lives in, our relationship to you?” And learn from these things.

Dave, you’re an evangelist. You get around, you do a lot of traveling. I don’t know if you’ve ever been presented with these folks on a plane which, they thought this was the moment in time … What’ an application that you could bring from this incident and apply it in a practical sense to our listeners?

Dave Kistler:                 Sam, let me just quickly share this. A couple of years ago I was on a flight, and it started out unique to begin with. There were two men arguing over the space where they were seated. One guy wanted to recline his seat, and the other guy behind him was taller and bumping his knees. Anyway, they almost got into a fight. So everybody was a little on edge before the plane even took off. When it did take off, we got airborne, you know how everybody’s reading their newspaper, looking at their books. Right across the isle from me a man got up to go to the back of the plane to the restroom. He got dizzy, turned around, passed out, fell down the middle of the aisle. And didn’t do anything to brace his fall, but hit the floor with a thud that everybody in coach could hear. Everybody was on edge. Ultimately there was a doctor onboard who came back. The man had high blood pressure. We had to actually land the plane at a military air base in Great Falls, Montana. Let he and his wife off.

I thought about this, Sam, when that man fell and the thud was heard, everybody was on edge and willing to listen. And I really thought this; I should have stood up after he was back in his seat and everything was okay. And I should have shared the gospel, because we had a willing audience to listen. So what I would say is this: these aught to be vivid reminders when these tragedies occur, that we need to be ready to give an answer of the hope that’s within us.

Sam Rohrer:                 Dave, I think that’s excellent. You know my neighbor next door, and I talked to them. They said they had just been hearing some sermons about how we respond in difficult times. The wife of the son who was just lost said, “You know, we were told some weeks ago, ‘when tragedies occur, it’s the opportunity to be a megaphone for the grace of God or to run into your closet and hide.'” And they said, “We’re committed to letting our lives be a megaphone for the Lord now.” And I said, “God will use this in a way greater than you can think.”

So, ladies and gentlemen, when we’re confronted with things that happen, we aught to be thinking, “It’s not just over there, it could happen to us.” And the questions is, what’s our relationship to the Lord? That’s really the most important thing of all. Check our priorities. Nothing more important than our relationship With the Lord.

The amazingly well-executed and surprise attack on the suspected laboratories and the chemical weapons facilities in Syria a few days ago, over the weekend actually, has been declared a major victory by President Trump. Because the facilities that they targeted were destroyed. Loss of life appears to be very minimal. And clearly there were no Syrian or significant Russian opposition. Almost as if they were caught off-guard, or were completely out-sophisticated by our weaponry. We don’t really know.

But Russian president Vladimir Putin, we know, was embarrassed before the world. And so was his nation, Russia. At least, that’s the way they’re viewing it. They were somewhat embarrassed because the fact that they were caught by surprise. So was Iran and Syria in this event. And it leads us to the natural consideration of, then, what’s next. And then the question is this: were these explosions there that we just saw a result, that we just saw there, is it going to result in an end of conflict, or does it really perhaps mark just a brand new beginning.

And with that I want to welcome in Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Having lived for a long time in Israel, and a student of prophesy, an evangelist, a guest in our program here regularly. I want to welcome you in right now, Jimmy, and say, this theme and what we have for the balance of the program is right in your window of focus. So we’re glad to have you on board.

Jimmy DeYoung:           Thank you, sir. Great to be along with you. Very important discussion we’re having today.

Sam Rohrer:                 And you’re the best one to have with us. David and Gary yesterday on the program discussed just briefly some thoughts about the US-led attack there in Syria. I’d like your comments regarding the level of sophistication, the strategy used, the secretive nature. Because nothing was leaked to the press. I thought that was different than what it was, certainly, the last many years under the Obama Administration. But at some extent it seems like the US was talking, and making a big deal about the movement of the fleet and ships all around here an there. And then lo and behold, when it actually happened, most of it didn’t even come from the ships. It came from other places, and obviously involved the UK and France.

What do you know about some of the strategy, if you look at it. First of all, did we witness something different? And comment on however you want to look at that piece of the puzzle here. That’d be good.

Jimmy DeYoung:           Sam, I actually thought that instead of attacking Syria wholesale, which was what many were calling for, they went after some very minute targets, but were key targets. And the United States had the allies with them. You mentioned the United Kingdom and France. That was different than the last time. They did use the Tomahawk Missiles, I believe 105 of the missiles were fired. Not one of them, according to the US military, were brought down. So it was a very surprising event that caught off guard, if they were not prepared, but off guard for sure both Iran, Russia, and the Syrian leadership in this situation.

Many of these Tomahawk Missiles were fired, some from the ships, many submarines surfaced were able to send in. And they used B1 Bombers this time. They pinpointed the targets, as I said. They selected three targets this time. Last time, a year ago, it was just one target. United States doubled the amount of munitions, the weaponry, that they used to go against the Syrians because of the chemical attack on April the 7th attacking their own people there, in homes and around the area there where they went after these people to try to kill them. They made a point not to go after Russia or Iran. I felt that was very significant, because they did not want to go face-to-face, head-to-head, toe-to-toe with either Russia or Iran. At this point in time that was not their mission.

And when they had great deliberation. The president had talked about it right at the time of the chemical attack, but then he was brought back. He became very sober. He looked at the whole situation. He brought in a brand new National Security Advisor, John Bolton, who is somewhat of a hawk. I’m not taking that derogatorily. I think it’s great, he has him at his side. He brought in the military. James Mattis, who is Secretary of Defense, was very … watching very carefully how this whole situation would develop.

I thought the president did an excellent job. And then, of course, the surprise attack. It was quickly done, 15 minutes and it was over. So this was part of the entire strategy. I think it worked very well.

Dave Kistler:                 Dr. Jimmy, the incredible surgical nature of this attack is something that we did talk about yesterday on the program. It’s almost overwhelming, the precision of these implements that were used. Going into this, there were some overtures from Putin that said, “If you attack, we’re going to respond.” But Jimmy, there was nothing. I mean, not from Russia, Iran, Syrian defenses really did not respond until after the event was over. And if I understood correctly, there may have been some anti-aircraft fire that was fired up after all of our missiles had already hit their target.

So basically, the response was non-existent. And that’s causing some on our side to gloat, and basically say, “We delivered a message. We delivered it in a clarian fashion,” which I believe we did. But they’re also saying, “We won. There was no response that came. There was an overwhelming loss on the part of Syria and those that support her.” I’d love to have your take on this. Is there something brewing that’s going to be a later response, or what’s going on over there right now?

Jimmy DeYoung:           Well, I’ve got to tell you Dave, for sure we won this episode. Now, will there be additional episodes? Will we have more to come? Absolutely. I’m absolutely convinced, from a political and prophetic perspective, we’re going to have additional attacks that we’re going to have to deal with. Different offenses by Assad. Bashar Assad is the puppet. He has two puppeteers who are working with him. One is Vladimir Putin of Russia, the other is President Rouhani of Iran. Both of these men pulling Bashar Assad in the direction they want him to go. Listen, Bashar Assad … We went in, we attacked some very important facilities, as far as their chemical activities are concerned. But we didn’t get all of them. He still has a number of chemical weapons. You’ve got to remember, when the first one took place a year ago it was reported that Bashar Assad had the largest chemical weapons arsenal in the world. Some of those came from Saddam Hussein over there in Iraq after he gassed the Kurds there in the northern part of Iraq.

As the prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, reported to us as journalists in Jerusalem, they moved many of these chemical weapons into the Bekaa Valley. So we’ve not found all of those chemical weapons in the Bekaa valley. He still has some additional weapons, we have to understand that.

I thought Ambassador Haley was just right on target when she made the statement, “Okay Mr. Assad, remember this: The United States is locked and loaded. We did it this time, we’re going to do it every time you cross the red line. We’re not like the Obama administration. We’ve drawn a line in the sand, if you step over it you’re gonna get hit.” And Russia and Iran, I do believe Dave, are not going to pull out of Syria. So they have to continue to prop up Bashar Assad. They have to continue. They’ve too much invested, their military and everything else in there. I think we’re gonna have more to come.

Gary Dull:                     You know, Jimmy, you just mentioned Ambassador Haley. And, of course, you put her together with John Bolton, we’ve got quite a team between the two of those individuals, don’t we? And they’re not gonna let anybody cross any red lines, I’m certain.

You mentioned the prophetical perspective. We know that as we look toward the future, that there’s gonna be much more coming out of the Middle East. But let’s just drop back on this concept of Putin and Assad maybe being a bit embarrassed. They really did nothing, virtually at all, as it relates to this last attack on Friday. Therefore, from your perspective, do you think that Russia’s warning to the United States and to the west should be taken more seriously, or not as serious? What do you really think is going on over there, and how should we as Americans respond?

Jimmy DeYoung:           I’ve got to tell you this; it was said when Romney ran for president, that Russia was the number one enemy in this world. That has not changed since then. People are starting to realize that is the exact correct analysis of what is happening. Russia does want to be a super power in the world. This is all from a political perspective. Vladimir Putin has his leadership, and demands that he be a prime player in the Middle East. That’s why, when the vacuum was opened up there in Syria he rushed in. To not only prop up Bashar Assad, but take a key role in operating in those key Middle Eastern states. Which is leading now into the prophetic, which is right there in the word of God, absolute.

And boy, as I read the word of God, I’m almost so excited … Not that I want to see people killed, not that I want to see a war take place … what I’m excited about is the ancient Jewish prophets 2500 years ago wrote the prophetic scenario, and then now somebody’s got ahold of that script and they are following it unbeknowing to the fact that this is exactly what God said would happen. For example, we’re talking about Russia. And Russia’s one of our main topics in this discussion today. Ezekiel chapter 38 verse 2, Magog, and that’s going to be the nation. When you go back to chapter 10 of Genesis, you have to understand that was one of the sons of Noah who went north of the Caspian of Black Sea, that is Russia. Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. THey’re gonna be players. These are four key members of a coalition that are there in Syria right now.

You’ve got Russia, you’ve got Iran with military bases, with a number of troops that are in there, military soldiers in there at Israel’s northern boarder. Turkey coming into the north going after the Kurds, who have been the best fighting force in the Middle East to take out Islamic State. And they’re now dealing with Turkey and how they want to be wiped out. All of this fits into the prophetic scenario with Syria making the first move in this alignment of nations to destroy Islam.

Sam Rohrer:                 We’re back here in the Middle East, and we’re gonna go to Israel. I set it up last segment, that Israel was preparing for invasion. Leading up to to the US-led attack on Syria, which I think it’s clear from as we read the news, that Putin, Vladimir Putin of Russia, was in fact humiliated. To a lesser degree, Iran was since they have a very significant stake in Syria and what’s happening there. But a lot of people don’t know that Israel also has led a number of well-placed, but not so public, attacks on Syrian defenses and weapons depots in Syria. Where Iranian and Hezbollah and other proxies of Iran have been preparing for war against Israel.

And this has led to interactions between Russian leaders and Israeli leaders, between Iranian leaders threatening Israeli leaders. All of this is leading up, as what the headlines are saying, what we’re hearing on the ground, is an impending large scale attack led by Iran, and therefore Russia has got to be involved somehow, against Israel. These combination of factors, really key. And to help us bring it into focus I want to invite back in Dr. Jimmy DeYoung.

Jimmy, let’s go here. Right off I’ve set that up. You’ve already talked about some of these in the last segment. It appears that Israel, by numbers of articles that I’ve read, that you’ve given, that we’ve talked about, that they are preparing for a major conflict with Iran. But Putin and Netanyahu, they’ve had numerous meetings over the past months, and it appears that they have been somewhat friendly. But it’s also appearing that now perhaps that relationship is deteriorating.

Comment on what you can about the relationship of Israel and Russia. Putin, Netanyahu, as it appears that certain meetings would indicate there’s some change underway.

Jimmy DeYoung:           Sam, just in this introduction, you mentioned that Israel has had several air strikes in Syria. That’s key as it relates to the entire US and its allies’ attack on Syria, because the Israeli military shared with the United States military some strategic locations, some information that was key in pinpointing those attacks. Their targets selected for that attack on last Saturday. So that is key to remember.

Also, we need to remember that Russia has supplied Iran the nuclear technology and technicians in order to develop their nuclear weapon of mass destruction. Russia was the nation that allowed Iran to come into Syria. Hezbollah, the surrogate terrorist organization, is a part of under leadership from Iran, and working in the whole scenario to try to continue to protect Bashar Assad in his leadership of Syria.

Iran has threatened to destroy Israel. I’m not saying that this has not been going on since Hamad and Ejad was there almost daily he said, “We would have to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, that her name be forgotten forever.” That’s almost a quote from Psalm 83 and verse 4. But I’m talking about within the last 24 hours Iran has said they’re gonna destroy Israel, and the reason for that is the Israelis flew into the airspace over Lebanon, they fired missiles at targets inside of Syria. They were focused on going after Iran.They killed a number of revolutionary guard, the military force for the Ayatollahs there in Iran. Iran said that we are going to retaliate, in fact they must retaliate or they continue to be more embarrassed and lose face and power structure in their endeavor to try to lead the entire Islamic world.

Last week Vladimir Putin was on the phone with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Normally they’re able to talk, have a cordial conversation. Not this time, this was a bad conversation. Vladimir Putin told Prime Minister Netanyahu to stand down on Syria, to not use any other aircraft attacks entering into Syrian airspace. They even were shouting at each other. Those who were in the room where the telephone conversation was going on said it was a very heated discussion, relationship has gone sour, it has turned very bad. THey’re gonna have to go. The Prime Minister, when he was told by Vladimir Putin to, “Stand down, you cannot fly into Syrian airspace ever again,” he had to push back. He said, “That’s not gonna be what’s gonna happen. THat’s not gonna be the case. We have to protect our people. If we have to go in to take out an enemy, we’re going to do it.”

You’ve got here Iran ready to attack Israel. You’ve got Russia ready to deal with Israel if they have to go into Syrian airspace. This is a call for the fulfillment of bible prophecy if I’ve ever seen anything.

Dave Kistler:                 Dr. Jimmy you, in that last statement, have already alluded to part of the problem of the answer to my question. With Russia involved there in Syria, with Iran involved there in Syria, what we did last Friday would appear to me, Dr. Jimmy, to be almost an escalation or a strike point that could escalate those Ezekiel 38 and 39 nations and cause them to come together in a more strong way than they have up to this point.

Is it possible, what we did by this strike on Friday was just the beginning of cementing Russia, Iran, Syria. Those nations that are mentioned in Ezekiel 38 and 39 as coming down against Israel in the first six months of the tribulation. Could this be the precursor to that very event?

Jimmy DeYoung:           I believe absolutely, “yes” is the answer to that question, David. Listen, the United States-led attack with their allies solidified the relationship of those key players that are mentioned in Ezekiel chapter 38, and they are the players that are there right now in Syria. Russia must lead or Putin is going to fail totally lading his nation, being one of the super power leaders of the world. The bible prophecy calls that Russia will have that key role. It’s going to be the case that this is all going to happen. That stage is being set like never before that I’ve seen it.

You’ve got Ezekiel 38:2, that’s Magog which is Russia. Ezekiel 38:2 and 6, that would be Meshach, Tubal, Gomer, Togarmah, that’s Turkey. Ezekiel chapter 38 verse 5, Persia, which is modern day Iran. And then, of course it’s all happening in Syria, that’s Daniel chapter 11 verse 40, the Kind of the North which is Syria.

How can you read from the prophetic passages of God’s word, and see that those pages are not coming into better focus than ever before? I believe this is the beginning of the end.

Gary Dull:                     I will tell you Jimmy, these are exciting times in which to live. And like you said earlier, we don’t like to see anybody being killed. But this is an exciting time in which to live, because we see all sorts of pieces of bible prophecy coming together. Jimmy, you are well acquainted with Israel. You have relationship with people in Israel, from those who are in leadership position right down to the main on the street. My question to you, in light of what we are talking about here, is this: have you had any recent contact with individuals over there that makes you think that they truly are anticipating an imminent major conflict in the near future? Or are they just doing like they’ve been doing for seventy years, basically being in the state of readiness, being equipped and prepared for anything that might come along? What do you read from your friends in Israel?

Jimmy DeYoung:           Gary, I’ve got to tell you. Israel is always on a standby alert, ready to go at any point in time. When an Israeli gets on a bus, a public transportation in the state of Israel, the radio is always on. They’re listening to a station that has the news, and it is so set that if indeed they have to get ready to go to defend the nation of Israel, there will be a special signal coming on the radio. That’s how every single moment is set for them to go to war.

I can tell you this, and I did talk with some of my friends there in Israel within the last 24 hours. Their statement is that the Israeli Defense Force is on high alert at its northern boarder. You’ve got to remember the Palestinian situation there at its southern boarder as well, that’s going on. That’s a six-week campaign to try to have the Palestinian people return to their ancestral lands, but Israel is ready and they’re gonna strike if they have to. And Syria, they’ll move to Iran if they have to. They’ll stop this as best they can. The Lord will intercede and protect them, that’s what the bible says.

Sam Rohrer:                 For seventy years, a regular generation in biblical terms, Israel has now been returned as a nation. Has been reborn. It’s a nation regathered. Just as Jesus said in his day would occur one day in the future. And as remarkable, confirming, and faith building as this really should be for all true believers, the quickly approaching seventieth anniversary of Israel sends a different message to the enemies of Israel.

The weeks directly in front of us, right now. From now until may 14th and some days after that, marking within this window the official 70th anniversary of Israel, as well as that date May 14th being set for the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, is a really good opportunity to look back and then look ahead. So to help us in this rear view mirror look right now, and then as we turn around and then look ahead here into the future, I wanna again ask to come back in Dr. Jimmy DeYoung.

Jimmy, you were going actually through some of this in the last segment, but I’d like you to tie now this all in, the prophetical components coming together. Give us just a bit of a history of Israel if you could. This 70th anniversary, this is a remarkable thing, but go back in time a little bit, and pick up the high points from the days of David and Solomon when Israel was an enormously powerful blessed nation, to where it has gone and where it has now come. And paint a picture there of how God has worked in this nation. Could you?

Jimmy DeYoung:           Sam, 4,000 years ago, God selected Jerusalem and Israel as key components in his plan for all of human kind. 4,000 years ago he said, “I’m gonna place Israel in the center of the earth and all the nations around her,” and that’s in Deuteronomy chapter 30 in verse 8. And then also when you look at the book of Deuteronomy chapter 7 in verse 8 he says, “And I have chosen you to be my people.” Exodus chapter 19 said, “I’m gonna make you a peculiar nation.” Deuteronomy chapter 28 said, “If you will obey me in the first 15 verses of that chapter you’ll be the chief nation of the world. If you don’t you’re gonna have to be dispersed to the four corners of the earth.” 2,000 years ago in 70 A.D. that is exactly what happened. And we trace quickly across those 2,000 years where the Jews were in different nations of the world, wanting to come back home. That really started in 1897 when Theodore Herzl put in place the Zionist congress, calling for a Jewish state.

In 1917, the time of World War I, when the Turks were defeated there in the Jezreel valley and Israel the Balfour declaration came into power underneath the United Kingdom’s political leaders. Lord Balfour, which called for a land for the Jewish nation. In 1947, November the 29th, they had the partition plan that the United Nations put in place, saying that they could have two states, one for the Palestinians, one for the Jews. The Palestinians rejected it, instead they went to battle to destroy the Jewish People. Seven different nations on that afternoon of May the 14th. And it was only a half hour they had to have Ben Gurion stand in Tel Aviv, and announce to the world that the Jewish people had returned, they had been regathered, they had been restored as a nation among the nations of the world.

That half hour ended up with the beginning of Shabbat, which would have been the 15th, a Saturday. Tonight at Sundown in Jerusalem, according to the Jewish calendar, that begins the celebration of Independence. Their 70th birthday. They come out of today, Sam, remembering all the fallen. Over 23,000 Jewish people have died during the wars of Israel to have their independence in the state in the Middle East. They remember them today. Then at sundown, which is already underway in Israel, the people are celebrating their 70th birthday.

Our two boys, Rick and Jim, just arrived in Israel with our touring team. They’re gonna be able to participate in all of this 70th birthday celebration. Now that’s the Jewish holy day. Remember, there’s only 360 days in a Jewish year, as compared to 365 in the Christian calendar. So they will have another celebration in May. And you’re right, it’s gonna continue from tonight at sundown all the way until May the 14th when they move the US embassy into Jerusalem.

The celebration is underway. It’s crazy tonight. I’ve done this many times, you go down to Ben Gurion, that’s a pedestrian street in the center of Jerusalem. They have there a shaving cream battle and the bongers which you bang everybody over the head with. They go crazy. You should have seen my hairdo with shaving cream all over it. They put it up in one horn, I looked like a unicorn down there. But it is a celebration. The people are gonna go crazy with as they celebrate Bible prophecy being fulfilled. Ezekiel 34, Ezekiel 37. This is the most exciting indication we’re living in the last days. THere’s nothing you can deny about a people being regathered, restored, and waiting to do what God wants them to do. This is amazing thing that we’re celebrating.

Gary Dull:                     I wanna see that picture, Jimmy, with you having shaving cream in your hair. I would love to see that. Next time you come our way, let’s use that for promotion, how about it?

These are exciting days in which to live. I was reading earlier this morning in Jeremiah 32, which is one of the passages where it talks about Israel being re-gathered. In verse 37, the Lord says through Jeremiah, “Behold I will gather them out of all countries wither I have driven them in my anger and in my fury, and with great wrath. I will bring them again into this place. I will cause them to dwell safely. They shall be my people. I will be their God.”

Jimmy, this is exciting. We know biblically that God is gonna bring them back in the land. We know biblically however, that other nations will come down against Israel. That’s very very clear. Down through that period of time, people have been predicting and saying, “We’re closer and closer and closer to the return of the Lord.” Is there any way we might be missing out on something here? Let me put it this way, are we as close to this setup of Israel, and the Lord working in Israel, as we really thing we are from the biblical perspective?

Jimmy DeYoung:           Gary, this is absolute. The fact is the bible prophecies in the process of being fulfilled. It’s tangible evidence. I’ve lived for 26 years in Jerusalem itself. Wake up every day, get so excited because I would touch the hand of God, what he has been doing among the people. This return, and the bible talks about three departures and three returns. This is the last of the returns. The third departure was back in 70 A.D. But now they’re returning, the rebirth of a nation. And even the language that they used in the forefather’s days is now being used in Israel. Hebrew, the mother tongue.

We see all of these things happening. There’s no way. But then after they return, and once they’re up as a State, the bible doesn’t quit there, it says, “Hey we’re gonna align a group of nations, and they’re gonna try to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.” What have we been talking about? What is President Trump do? Give a command to go into Syria where you have four of the major players in bible prophecy that will come and try to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. As you think about other activities are gonna happen. All during that 7 year tribulation period. You can see all of it on the horizon. We are at the spot, and we as Christians better be telling our friends and neighbors, using that megaphone, to tell them they need to come to know Christ and live pure. Then we as Christians live pure in light of the fact bible prophecy’s about to be fulfilled.